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DCFS Government Department of Children and Family Services Illinois

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M o n s t e r s !

Illinois Department of Child and Family Services is EVIL!

By David
J. Stewart | May 2003

There is not a more monstrous organization in
the United States than the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (otherwise
known as DCFS). In other areas across the nation, this same
diabolical government institution is known as CPS (Child Protection
). What a misnomer! DCFS and CPS abuse families!

DCFS, an organization which was
allegedly started to protect
families, has actually in many cases DESTROYED families! The
emotional, physical, and financial tolls are oftentimes devastating. Many
innocent families have been forced into bankruptcy because of nightmarish
legal fees to defend themselves against this evil bureaucratic monster. CPS
doesn't try to heal, build nor restore families; all they know how to do is
steal, kill and destroy as Jesus said in John 10:10. That's their agenda, to
destroy! CPS are devils!

doubt, many mothers and fathers have ended up in the hospital because of the trauma associated with DCFS' brutal and never-ending
persecution. My wife was often sick, vomiting from the
turmoil, wondering if the Communist Police State was coming to take our child away. If you've never been targeted by the
State, then you cannot possibly
understand. CPS are largely a bunch of sick twisted freaks. The government is NOT God, but they act like it,
swooping in like ravenous vultures to steal our children away

“There is no crueler tyranny
than that which is perpetuated under the shield of law and in the name
of justice.”

—Charles de Montesquieu

Shock study: 12% of kids
sexually abused in govt. custody

of Justice Statistics:

Sexual Victimization in Juvenile Facilities Reported by Youth

In Trouble
with DCFS?


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(a 4TH branch of
government and how it is being used to steal your children for
non-vaccination, etc!

America's courts are infested with lesbian judges, feminist females with
butch haircuts; the wicked are in control. Billions of tax-payer dollars
are annually wasted on this failing system that lacks common sense. Millions of children have
been traumatized, many for life, because of coldhearted and brutal State
Child Protection Agencies
... helpless children screaming and crying at the top of their lungs,
"Please don't take me away! Mommy, mommy, daddy, daddy!" The parents
stand by helplessly crying as the thug police forcefully kidnap and escort the children away
(sometimes for years to come). I'm not kidding! Read about
Christine story online
. This is COMMUNISM!!! With
Barack Obama
as U.S. President
, expect more Communist State control,
homosexualization and de-christianizing of America's children.

Who is
abusing the children? It is the State Child Protection System that
is abusive. If you need proof of what I am
saying, simply talk with parents and children who have been victimized by the
State. The accounts are tragic. Perform an internet search on "CPS victims" and plan to spend many hours reading horrifying true stories
that will make any parent's blood boil. The State of Illinois uses "DCFS" (Department
of Children and Family Services
) because the Chicago Public Schools
are known as "CPS."

DCFS has grown too big for their
britches and something desperately needs be done about it. Also, DCFS is
operated by government employees, notorious for their lackadaisical work
habits and inefficiency. They don't care about families or people, all they
care about is getting paid. So you've got a bunch of greedy lawyers,
crooked judges, bureaucratic fat-cats, and incompetent case workers running
around destroying families, and getting pad to do it. If I had my way,
they'd all be sent to prison! While families
suffer through hell-on-earth, it usually takes YEARS to be freed from the Godless
bureaucratic government system that fails to recognize that they're dealing with

How to
Destroy a Family

To make matters much worse, if someone doesn't like
you all they have to do is make ONE phone call to Child Protection Services and your
families' life is ruined
for the next 5 to 10 years. And believe me, you'll feel like your
life has ended... you're now the living dead. If you've been there you know
what I'm talking about. I know what it's like to wake-up from a nightmare
to a nightmare, and everything in life seems so wrong, and you just don't
want to face another day of existence.

It is a nightmare when the thug State
threatens to confiscate your children and place them into the hands of
complete strangers—welfare minded incompetents,
God-hating feminists, lesbian homosexuals, atheists, et cetera. The black woman (DCFS
case worker) that came to our front door flashing a gold badge, looked like
an escaped convict from prison, she talked with ghetto Ebonics, and weighed
about 300 pounds.

So if you really hate someone and want to destroy
them, likely for the rest of their life, then just call Child Protection
on them. By the way, you'll answer to God for it too. Most of
the alleged "abuses" reported to Child Protection Services are false.
According to Oprah Winfrey and other sickos, it is "abuse" to physically
spank a child. So if you love your child and spank him when he does wrong,
the State may remove him from you permanently! Yet, there are many Daniels
in the Christian world today, who refuse to stop doing right because of an
evil decree by the king. Consequently, many Christian parents today are
being fed to the ferocious hungry lions. God help us!

Parent's God-given Rights versus the
Government's Tyranny

I happen to believe in
God-given rights as a parent. That is to say... I brought my child
into the world and I (not the government) am directly responsible for the safety
and well-being of my child. Unfortunately, oftentimes the government (DCFS)
and the parents disagree on what is "BEST" for a child. This is
especially true when it comes to medicines (drugs)! With the advancement
of modern medicine and the onslaught of drugs to treat everything from a
headache to hyper-activity, it has hurled parents into a whole new arena of problems with
the DCFS system (or should I say it has given DCFS a very powerful tool to
attack innocent parents with). With the militarization of America's Police Force
after the 911 attacks, Christian parents have all the more reason to be
cautious, protect themselves and be very careful who you trust to watch your

Parents all across America have been
charged with being "negligent parents" by the Child Protection System for nothing more than
a refusal to subject their child to the numerous and often harmful side-effects
of DRUGS. Child Services would much rather prefer the term
"medicine"; but the honest truth is that they are DRUGS. These
drugs are often fatal. In fact,
Americans die EVERY YEAR
from prescribed drugs from their doctor.

If you want NON-DRUG medicine to help you, you must seek the help of
a homeopathic doctor. Unfortunately, 99% of all people go to the
drug-dealing doctor because insurance companies WON'T cover natural
remedies. Isn't that crazy? Nearly ALL doctors are trained to prescribe a
"drug" to treat the body's ailment (drugs, drugs, and more drugs)!!! The pharmaceutical industry
is a multi-billion dollar empire. Are you starting to get the picture? Parents
informed of the potential dangers of such dangerous drugs are expected by the
government to subject their children to those drugs (OR ELSE be charged with
parental negligence!!!). It is utter COMMUNISM!!!

The Roloff Homes

Forced Drugging and
Vaccination of Children
- Medical Fascism in the USA - Courts Order Kids
To Take Drugs
Parents pressured to put kids on


, and other
dangerous toxic drugs

are ordering parents to administer potentially lethal drugs to children. Parents are
complying for fear of having their children hauled
away by Child Protective Services.

"The drugging of children has gotten so out of
hand that America is waking up to this. This is a national catastrophe.
I'm seeing children who are normal who are on five psychiatric drugs.

R. Breggin, M.D. Director, International Center for the Study of Psychiatry
and Psychology

DCF Sickos: Dad keeping promise to give daughter a puppy is sex abuse.

It is clear
that its agents are sick twisted freaks. Parents should

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .
. . . . . .

judges accused of jailing kids for cash

Judges allegedly took $2.6 million in
payoffs to put juveniles in lockups.

The dictionary defines
medicine as, "something that treats or prevents or alleviates the symptoms of
disease." Unfortunately, MANY of the drugs on today's market "hinder" as
well as "help" the patient. Is it legitimate to call a drug "medicine" if
it has harmful risks associated with it? When our 6-year old daughter was
taking Ethosuximide that her neurologist prescribed to her, our
daughter's hair began to fall out and she developed a mysterious soft bump
on her head. Is this
"medicine"? In some cases the "medicine" even "HARMS" the patient,
as it did our daughter. Is it really medicine, or just a drug? Shockingly,
MANY of the drugs
being marketed today warn of possible "LIVER FAILURE" (death), yet the
government FORCES parents to administer these same potentially LETHAL drugs to their children! These drugs are erroneously called "medicine" because they offer SOME benefit to
the patient.

But it's not their child who
suffers and dies—it's yours and mine. As you can see already, parents across America have been
placed in a horrible position; stuck between protecting their child from the dangerous side-effects of a drug, and fighting
against the almighty powers of
the State (who have endless taxpayer dollars to fight against us with). This is

Parents Kept In Dark About Vaccine Waiver

12-year-old with cancer taken from her parents

Parents all across America
have been charged with "negligence" for failure to administer the drug "Ritalin"
to their child. This is a drug used to alleviate symptoms of A.D.D.
(Attention Deficit Disorder). The Ritalin drug posses possible
harmful side-effects which have concerned many parents (and rightfully so). Ask any doctor and you will learn quickly that EVERY drug has a side-effect(s). There is no such thing as a drug without side-effects! It may be so subtle
that you don't notice it, but the side-effects are there. Sometimes the
are very noticeable.

Most parents would ask a doctor...
"Is there any MEDICAL NEED for my
child to be given this drug?" In other words, if I DON'T administer a drug to my child, will
anything bad happen to my child? I mean, how did the child make it this far
without any drugs? Listening to the State, you'd think it's a miracle that
the child is still alive from not having received a drug all those years. What
right does the State have to punish parents, costing them tens-of-thousands
of dollars in legal expenses, for protecting their own child from the threat
of a potentially dangerous drug? The State is NOT God!

Consequently, there is a lot of unnecessary drugging going on in families all
across America because of the DCFS system. This is wrong (and
unconstitutional might I add)! There is nothing in the U.S. Constitution
which gives the government power to FORCE our children
to take medicine! The government was established BY the people and
was supposed to work FOR the people. As we have seen in America repeatedly, this is not often the
case. All across America little
children suffer the horrible side-effects of unnecessary drugs. Struggling
parents shouldn't have to fight against an abusive State power that seeks to
destroy them. We are living in a
POLICE STATE and don't realize it.
It's like
being in PRISON!

"The evils of
tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it."

—John Hay, 1872

Children of the State... The
truth about CPS and Foster Care

An Inconvenient Truth about Child
Protective Services, Foster care, and

the Child Protection "INDUSTRY"

Child Protective
Services Does not protect children...

It is sickening how many children are subject to abuse,
neglect and even killed at the hands of CPS.

of Cases per 100,000 children in the US

These numbers come from The National Center on

Child Abuse and Neglect in Washington. (NCCAN)

Recent numbers have increased significantly for CPS

Perpetrators of Maltreatment

Physical Abuse CPS/Foster care 160, Parents 59

Sexual Abuse CPS/Foster care 112, Parents 13

Neglect CPS/Foster care 410, Parents 241

Medical Neglect CPS/Foster care 14, Parents 12

Fatalities CPS/Foster care 6.4, Parents 1.5

that, 6.4 children die at the hands of the very agencies
that are supposed to protect them and only 1.5 at the
hands of parents per 100,000 children. CPS perpetrates
more abuse, neglect, and sexual abuse and kills more
children then parents in the United States. If the
citizens of this country hold CPS to the same standards
that they hold parents too. No judge should ever put
another child in the hands of ANY government agency
because CPS nationwide is guilty of more harm and death
than any human being combined. CPS nationwide is guilty
of more human rights violations and deaths of children
then the homes from which they were removed. When are
the judges going to wake up and see that they are
sending children to their death and a life of abuse when
children are removed from safe homes based on the mere
opinion of a bunch of social workers.


Family Attorney Blows the
Whistle on State Child Protective Services Agencies

Bill Hahn | August 1, 2007

Practicing family
attorney Gregory Hession confirms child protective
service agencies engage in abusive, deliberate and
dirty tricks motivated by federal funding.

Every year thousands of
families are forcibly separated from their children
based on unsubstantiated or outright false
allegations of child abuse. Gregory Hession, a
practicing constitutional and family law attorney in
Mass., says that for these families, the nightmare
has only begun.

Children in child
protective services (CPS) have been abused, wounded,
brain washed, drugged, adopted out and some have
even died. Hession has represented hundreds of these
families and has dedicated himself to exposing CPS
abuses and reuniting loving, deserving families. He
documents CPS abuses in the July 23, 2007, issue of
The New American magazine.

Hession’s articles
highlight true stories of families who have been
targeted by CPS agencies. All the families discussed
are Hession’s clients.

Hession writes that
state CPS agencies continually yank children out of
good, loving homes based on flimsy allegations of
child abuse. He asserts that the child protection
business generates so much money, and employs so
many social workers, therapists, lawyers and other
professionals, that it needs a steady flow of cases
to keep all of these workers employed. In Mass., the
cost of these state services totals into the
billions of dollars, which the state can leverage to
obtain prodigious quantities of federal
reimbursement monies.

In 2005, more than 3.3
million reports involving 6 million children were
made to state child-abuse hot lines. The vast
majority of these eventually proved to be untrue.
Statistics from the U.S. Department of Health &
Human Services show 40 percent of allegations are
initially screened out. Of the remaining 60 percent,
nearly two-thirds of child-abuse investigations are
unsubstantiated. Yet, more than 500,000 children are
currently in foster care and another 300,000 or so
are forcibly removed from their homes by the system
every year.

Hession states that
genuine child abuse obviously does exist and those
involved in its practice need to be prosecuted to
the full extent of the law. However, he writes that
most people would likely disagree with CPS in how it
defines abuse or neglect. Families are attacked for
home-schooling or spanking their children, for not
overseeing all play activities, or for when a child
has an accident. Only a small percentage of the 3.3
million reported cases annually prove to be genuine
abuse, and the system does a bad job of sorting it

The articles conclude
that millions of children are imperiled by this
imperious, abusive CPS system, which works quietly
without much public scrutiny. Change will likely
come only when the cruelties have been exposed, and
the public reaffirms that raising children is the
responsibility of families, not the state.


are Abusers, Women are Victims, Children
are Ours

Department of Social Services
agents actually believe that children
should belong to the state, and that
parents are evil. Their motto could be:




changes only if the woman will not
become a victim for them, or if the man
feminizes himself properly. If you play
the victim (even a male victim), and you
"need" them, they will work with you. If
you keep your dignity and independence
(even if you are a woman), then you must
be crushed. Victims thrive in their
perverse world. Independent people who
do not need them have their children
taken away.


Many DSS
agents do not have children of their
own, and do not understand that families
go through some bad patches once in a
while, and just have to be given some
room to work it out. The DSS agent, upon
hearing from one of their police-state
snitches, will swoop in like a vulture,
and steal your children. No mercy. No

They will,
without a pang of conscience, traumatize
your children by prying their little
fingers off your legs, as they wail and
cry, and sticking them in their car,
maybe never to be seen by you again. Or
rip your children, screaming and
panicked, from your arms, while sneering
about what an abuser you are. Paul the
Apostle nailed them, when he called such
people, "senseless, faithless,
heartless, ruthless." (Romans 1:31).

Then, after
ruining your whole life by taking your
kids, DSS agents actually wonder why you
don't warm up to them, and don't want to
work with them. It's as though they had
punched you in the nose, and then wonder
why you bleed.

Must Be Taken From Families!

Most DSS
agents are either classic Fascists or
Marxists, which means they believe
children belong to the state. You get to
spawn, feed and clothe them, but then
the state must educate them, train them
to be wards of the state, and take them
if you mess up. They believe the state
is god, and support its domination in
all spheres of life. They believe that
rights derive from government authority,
not from God, and so they resent all
authority which does not acknowledge
that. If you are religious, they will
likely show a terrible bias against you
because of it. They hate family
autonomy, parental authority, home
schoolers, and church authority.

This is not
an exaggeration. Dr. Mary Jo Bane,
Clinton's Assistant Secretary of
Administration for Children and Families
in the Department of Health and Human
Services, said: "If we want to talk
about equality of opportunity for
children, then the fact that children
are raised in families means there's no
equality . . . In order to raise
children with equality, we must take
them away from families and communally
raise them." Her federal department is
in charge of the national effort to mold
state DSS departments into their image.

That is
what the communists believe. The
following statement issued at a congress
of Russian Communist Party educators in
1918 sounds like the credo of the modern
DSS agent: "We must remove the children
from the crude influence of their
families. We must take them over and, to
speak frankly, nationalize them." The
Communist Manifesto, written by Karl
Marx, called for the "abolition of the
family." The DSS agents have read that
book, and they are coming for your

MassOutrage | Department of Social
Services' Dirty Tricks

Department of Social Services
Dirty Tricks

Our Battle with the
dysfunctional Illinois Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS)

Written May 22,2003

I and my wife (and our children,
especially our 12 year old daughter) have been through living hell over the past
year. My poor wife has cried often, wondering if the children were going
to be taken away (as other parent's children have been). My wife has been
to her doctor over and over for health problems, all relating to nerves and
worry. I have been often sick myself because of all this, my
stomach in knots. One wave after another of bad news... it's often overwhelming! It never ends. Even though
we try not to worry, it is next to impossible when you have been charged with
neglecting a child by the State. What a horrible charge! There is no better word
than "hell" for what DCFS has put us through.

The brutal and unjust DCFS system
has caused us much pain, grief, stress and financial hardship (that apparently loves to destroy
families). I and my wife have been married for 16 years,
we have 4 wonderful children. As a result of the wicked DCFS system,
I had to hire an attorney to defend my family (already costing us in excess of
$25,000... and still climbing). We are swamped in debt over our heads. We had to pay the lawyer with our credit cards because we had no other money. We simply don't make enough money. Our roof has been leaking for the
longest and the roofer wants $8,000 (because it's over 40-feet high and has an
"A-frame" roof... insurance costs). He wants $1,000 just to patch the roof, we
don't even have that. The house is 100 years old and still holding up
otherwise... it's home.

We don't complain and thank God for what we have, but we NEED a
roof. Unfortunately, DCFS has taken all our money away. So we
use several buckets in the attic to catch the rainwater. The only car we
own is the one I drive with over 203,000 miles on it (and I pray it keeps
running). Emotionally, we are broken-down; but our faith in God remains
strong. We're STILL trying to get out of the system, but DCFS won't let us
go! The administrative hearing judge keeps rescheduling and playing games. At one appeal they
claimed they forgot. At two other appeals they said they needed more time
(each appeal being 3 1/2 months apart). Meanwhile, our lawyer has been charging us
thousands of dollars to prepare for these non-event appeals. We finally
met with the administrative hearing judge upon our 4th appeal and he
decided to extend the case ANOTHER 3 1/2 months (why is it always 3 1/2 months?). So we are still in the system, spending money we
don't have to defend ourselves against a heartless police state. We are trying
to live from paycheck-to-paycheck, while they enjoy the unlimited deep pockets
of the taxpayers wasted money. Is there no end to this tyranny? Apparently not!

Here's what happened. I
and my wife first noticed that our oldest daughter (who was 5 at the time) began
having a slight rolling back of her eyes. This was in 1995. We took
her to the doctor and found out that our daughter was having "petite mal
seizures." The seizures were very short, lasting only seconds in durations. The doctor had sent our daughter for a cat-scan and EEG. The
results showed that our daughter had slightly higher brain activity than normal, hence the
cause of the seizures.

The doctor sent our daughter to a neurologist,
who prescribed the drug "Ethosuximide." After a couple days of
administering the drug to our daughter, she complained of stomach cramps and
headaches. The doctor said the drug would take her a little time to get
used to. After a couple weeks, a mysterious soft bump formed on the right
side of her head. Our daughter was still complaining continually, saying
"Mommy, my belly hurts!" So we told the doctor that we we're afraid of
continuing with that drug for our daughter. We requested that our daughter be
removed from any drugs. The doctor was fine with this. He wrote in
his medical notes that the school had not complained and that the parents
preferred not to give a drug to their daughter.

Our daughter took no
drugs for the next several years and did just fine. She played like a
normal little girl. She did have the petite mal seizures on a daily basis,
but they didn't affect her enough to justify what the Ethosuximide was doing to
her system. If she was running and had a seizure, she would simply stop
running, stand still and pause for a moment. She never fell or stumbled
because of her seizures. By the way, we found out that Ethosuximide has
since been pulled from the market in the United States because of lawsuits against the
manufacturer in Canada.

So we thought everything was
ok for the next few years. In October of 2000, we took our 10-year old
daughter to a new doctor for a standard 4th grade physical. We had
switched medical doctors because of the irresponsible billing practices of the
previous clinic (we kept receiving erroneous bills for services which had
already been paid for, etc). So we changed doctors. The new doctor
gave our daughter a clean bill of health but wanted to run some tests on our
daughter concerning her petite mal seizures. Again, we took our daughter
for a cat-scan and an EEG. The test results came back the same as when she
was 5-years old. I and my wife knew that the next step was a neurologist
to place our daughter on a medicine (drug). We had come to the mutual
decision that we were going to place our little girl on medication ONLY if it
was NECESSARY! If the doctor said that the drug would only be a temporary
patch, then we wouldn't administer any medication to our daughter (simply
because we didn't want to see her suffer again as when she was 5-years old). But
the final decision would be based upon what the doctor said.

So my wife and
daughter met with the doctor. My wife asked the doctor the one big
question: Does our daughter NEED this medicine? The doctor replied that NO
medicine was going to make our daughter better. He said that our
daughter's seizures could get better, or worse, and only time would tell. He told our daughter that
she probably would never be able to drive a car. The doctor told my wife
that there were medicines AVAILABLE to help reduce the effects of the seizures. The doctor said that the decision was
up to the parents. My wife asked the
doctor, "If we don't give our daughter any drug, will anything bad happen to her?" The doctor replied, "NO." Therefore, based upon the doctor's advice,
i.e., that
the decision was up to us (the parents) and there was NO medical necessity for a medicine—we decided NOT to give our daughter any medicine. We did
not go to the neurologist. We thought we had the God-given right as
parents to decide what was best for our daughter and we know that we still do! Unfortunately,
the Police State doesn't look at it that way... they are the
almighty power that chooses whether or not your child is going to be drugged or not. They
are a bunch of rotten thugs!

A whole year went by and no one at
the school where our daughter attended said anything, nor did the doctor
say anything. In November of 2001, our daughter's 5th grade teacher asked
what the story was on our daughter's petite mal seizures. We told her that
the doctor's records were in the school office with the nurse. We
explained that we declined to place our daughter on any medication because of
the horrible and numerous side-effects. The teacher said nothing and we
thought everything was just fine for the next few months.

In February of
2002, we reviewed our daughter's report card and saw that our daughter was
having a hard time with her grades. She had been in summer school the
previous year and was now staying an extra hour each day for "after school
class" (a help program for students who need a little extra help). Despite
the summer school, after school program and six hours a day in a public
school... our daughter was having a hard time learning. The curriculum that
the public schools are following these days is ridiculous to say the least. It's so complicated that the average adult would find it utterly confusing. We recently received several letters from the government notifying us that some
of our children's teachers do NOT meet the new federal requirements to teach
(comforting huh?). We simply didn't have the money to put our 4-kids into
Christian schools.

On March 12, 2002, my wife confronted the teacher about
our daughters problems in school (basically questioning her ability to teach). Nothing was brought up during this 10-minute conversation about our daughter's
seizures. Within one hour, the school nurse called our home to request
that we schedule an appointment with our daughter's doctor.

The next morning at 11a.m., a DCFS
investigator was at our front door flashing her badge. The evil teacher
had retaliated against my wife by having the school nurse call DCFS on us
WITHOUT WARNING. The school didn't even give us a day to resolve this
matter. My wife's eyes filled with tears as the investigator told us that
we had been charged with neglecting a child. We felt numb! We were
dumbfounded to say the least, what had we done wrong? What was going on? This couldn't be happening! But it was just getting started! Once your in the DCFS system, it takes years to get out (if your lucky). We were told in writing that we would be in the system for a MINIMUM of 5-years. We were told in writing that we would be assigned a new case-worker EVERY 3
months (thus forcing us to be interrogated as criminals over and over again). The charge was that we failed to listen to the doctor, that we didn't take our
daughter to the neurologist (because he had said it was our decision to make). Unfortunately, when the doctor found out DCFS was involved, he panicked and
altered his medical records and accused my wife of negligence. That doctor

The medical
records show that the doctor "pleaded" with the mother to take her daughter to a
neurologist, but the mother "failed" to comply. Any honest medical doctor
will tell you that there is NO medical urgency for a medicine to treat patients
with "petite mal seizures." These are very small seizures (petite). Study the information available on the internet yourself (as I did) and you will
find that what I am saying is true. The doctor lied and it became a
smoking-gun for DCFS! They came after us.

At first, we were told by the DCFS case-worker that
she hadn't found anything wrong and was going to put "unfounded" on her report. She told us to file a complaint with the Board of Education (which we did but
they basically laughed in our faces). Unfortunately, despite the DCFS'
investigator's encouraging words, we were sent a letter, officially charging us
with "neglecting a child." The DCFS investigator advised us to
simply "let it go" and except the charge." We were not about to accept a
dirty rotten lie, when we knew we had done the best thing for our child by not
allowing her to become a guinea-pig again. We even had a signed letter
sent to us from the principal of the school apologizing for the school's failure
to follow protocol (no one ever said a word to him about anything, he knew
nothing of the situation). Yet, we were assigned a hearing date with DCFS,
and they REFUSED to let us go (we were in the system!!!).

One of the hardest things
I've ever had to do was to hire a lawyer, because we hardly had any money and
the attorney wanted a $5,000 retainer fee. I had no choice. I made
several phone calls until I eventually found a lawyer who specialized in DCFS
cases. There was no way
we were going to show up at an appeal without legal representation. Also,
we knew that we did the right thing by not drugging our daughter. We first met
with our lawyer in April of 2002. He said we we're good parents and that
we simply "went by the beat of a different drum." He said most parents
would rather drug their child than fight DCFS. We were encouraged. Our first appeal date
was scheduled in August of 2002. He had told us
that he thought our case would be a quick one to settle, that he might even be
able to give me back $1,000 or so. We thought everything was fine. We received no bills for the next 3 months, so we figured the $5,000 was more
than sufficient. I'll never forget that August day when my wife (with
tears in her eyes) handed me a bill from our lawyer for over $8,000. We
sent him another $3,000, thus maxing out our credit cards. We were in trouble
financially because of the State of Illinois, living paycheck to paycheck;
but they had deep pockets and all the money in the world to harass us.

The DCFS investigator told us the first day she came to our door on March 13th, 2002 to "get that
medicine into your daughter's body." That was her exact words. In fear, we complied immediately. We took our daughter to a neurologist within 2-weeks and the neurologist placed
our daughter on 250mg of "Depakote." Depakote is a drug derived from
Valproic Acid. Valproic Acid is used to calm patients in insane asylums
(it basically deadens the brain's activity).

Read Here on The
DANGERS of Depakote!

Medication Dangers!

DCFS FORCED this upon our

is E V I L!

Our new doctor has stated in
writing to DCFS (through our lawyer) that our daughter suffered from "liver
toxicity" and "bone marrow shut-down" because of the forced

The government has NO RIGHT to play Russian-Roulette
with our daughter!

is E V I L!

already been billed by our lawyer for over $20,000 and DCFS still won't withdraw
the charge against us as being "negligent parents" for our failure to
drug our child with a dangerous drug!

We know we did the RIGHT THING in NOT allowing
our daughter to be a guinea-pig for the pharmaceutical industry!

Please Read,
Psycho State
, by Texas Congressman
Ron Paul

Please Read,
Can't Happen Here
, by Texas Congressman
Ron Paul

Mandatory Toxic Drugs
for Babies and Children

God WILL Avenge us!


Our daughter started falling
asleep in school because of the drug. Her teacher (the same one who had us
turned into DCFS) said to our daughter, "Is my teaching so boring that you cannot stay
awake?" When we confronted the teacher, she demanded that we put it in
writing that our daughter would be falling asleep in class. We had to have
our lawyer contact the school. Our daughter was sedated
by the Depakote drug, and wasn't jumping and playing like a child her age normally
does. As a result, she had insomnia at night and was only getting 2-3
hours of sleep. Her hair started falling out. She also had stomach cramps and was displaying "fits" of
emotion because of the drug's side-effects. The possible
side-effects of Depakote
are numerous and scary, including possible "liver
failure "(death). We (as parents) were outraged that the State could FORCE
us to drug our daughter against her will to take such a dangerous drug. Our
daughter cried each time she had to take her pill. We simply
explained to her that neither her nor us had any choice. Free country? I don't think so! This
is pure Godless Totalitarian Communism!!!

We called our daughter's
neurologist to complain about the horrible side-effects. Our daughter's
Depakote was reduced to 125mg daily. She still was not sleeping well and
the fits continued. We were so disgusted and mad that the State had
this kind of power to ABUSE us. What were we to do? We
felt so HELPLESS against the government. Even with the Depakote, our
daughters seizures were only reduced from 8-10 to 4-6 per day. Even worse, the side-effects were making our daughter 10-times
sicker than the alleged "medicine." Can a drug legitimately be called
"medicine" if it hurts the patient more than it helps the patient? It all
depends upon who you ask, but I say "NO!" The pharmaceutical industry has
become a multi-billion dollar SCAM! There's so much money being made from
the sale of these drugs that the public is being misled as to their dangers. Lawsuit after lawsuit has been filed because of the wrongful deaths associated
with many of these drugs. I am NOT against drugs being used as medicine,
not at all. I AM against people being FORCED to take drugs, especially the
drugs which posses possible dangerous side-effects.

multitudes of military personnel were court-martialed for refuse to receive
an Anthrax
vaccination. This is wrong and unconstitutional. An alarming amount
of people who do receive the Anthrax vaccinations have uncounted SEVERE negative
reactions to the drug. I would rather be court-martialed than end up
disabled or dead. Do we have rights anymore?

My employer pressured me to receive
a Hepatitis B vaccinations (3 shots only good for five
years). I said no way! Why? For a very good reason! I
read all the possible negative side-effects (so many I laughed when I read
them). I read the odds of my contracting Hepatitis B versus my odds of
suffering the numerous unpleasant side-effects of the drug. My odds of
suffering from the side-effects were far more likely than my chances of catching
the Hepatitis. I said forget it, rightfully so. I am NOT against
vaccinations or drugs as medicines, I am against their misuse by the greedy pharmaceutical industry
(drugs, drugs and more drugs). My daughter is NOT a guinea pig. Remember, the Ethosuximide that our daughter was
prescribed when she was only 6-years old was removed from the market because of
several lawsuits. It is no longer used in the United States! What's to say that Depakote
won't be removed tomorrow or next year?

What Can a Family

I had learned about a
"homeopathic" doctor from an older gentleman at work. A homeopathic doctor avoids using
unsafe drugs as medicine. They specialize in natural remedies. Any
good doctor will tell you that the best defense against disease is a healthy
immune system. Homeopathic remedies are deliberately suppressed in society
today, because the greedy drug companies can't monopolize the market with
some proprietary new drug.

We scheduled an appointment and took our
daughter to see a homeopathic doctor in May of 2002. We had scheduled this
appointment before meeting with our lawyer for the first time (he was very
impressed with the idea of a homeopathic doctor). The first thing that our
homeopathic doctor did was to wean our daughter off of the Depakote drug (you
can't just stop taking Depakote, you have to be "weaned" off it gradually). Our homeopathic doctor is licensed by the
State by the way. This was important so that the doctor's opinion would
hold up in court.

Our homeopathic doctor sent a
letter to our lawyer and to DCFS stating that the Depakote" was causing "liver
toxicity" and "bone-marrow shut-down." Hence, our daughter was removed
from the harmful drug, Depakote. The homeopathic doctor gave our daughter 3
natural remedies that not only alleviated our daughters seizures—they STOPPED
the seizures COMPLETELY within six weeks!!! We were totally amazed
(especially since the other doctor had told us there was NO cure). We were
excited and thought for sure that DCFS would now have to let us go, but they
didn't. By July 2002, our little girl was all better with no more
seizures. So much for the drug-crazed doctor who said our daughter would never
drive a car, nor live a normal life.

It's really sad what is going on
in America within the medical and pharmaceutical industries. It's a shame
when our elderly, whom we ought to be taking care of, have to travel to
Canada and Mexico to buy their needed medications so they can afford them.
It's sickening! People in America are literally dying (see SICKO by
Michael Moore) because they can't afford health insurance. And now the best
answer our government can come up with is Communism? I have a better,
Capitalist, idea... our nation's leaders need to stop catering to the greedy
cut-throat lawyers, judges and fat-cat CEO's monopolizing America's medical
and pharmaceutical companies. Capitalism works if you have an honest system.

to Destroy a Family

Our lawyer had set up our
first administrative court appeal for August of 2002. When the time
came, the DCFS judge cancelled our appeal, saying he needed time to talk to the
teachers and nurse at the school. So they rescheduled. The November
2002 appeal was also cancelled because "they forgot." In February 2003,
they said they had spoken with our homeopathic doctor and needed time to discuss
the matter, thus canceling our third appeal. Our 4th appeal was scheduled
in May of 2003. We called our lawyer and said "enough is enough, we want
our day in court, no more cancellations!" So we did meet with the DCFS
judge. He said that the neurologist and our doctor aren't communicating,
citing that the neurologist is "evading" everyone. I can't say I blame him
after our doctor said the drug he gave our daughter caused her liver toxicity
and bone-marrow shutdown. Anyway, the judge is going to subpoena the
neurologist to talk. So now our 5th appeal has been scheduled for
September 2003, let's see what their excuse is this time around!

This is all deliberate. The State
knows that we only have so much money and will likely give up rather than
continue going into massive debt. This is what lawyers do to people. Judges
and lawyers work together. It's a crooked industry... an industry of THUGS
AND LIARS! Please read, Why Lawyers are the
Scum of the Earth
. The Postal Service recently recalled a series of
stamps featuring lawyers because the customers didn't know which side to
spit on.

At the May 2003 hearing, the
teacher who turned us in to DCFS was present. My wife could not help but
start crying because of all the misery this woman has caused us. As my
wife was crying (and I was holding her hand), the teacher was sitting about 20-feet away laughing up a storm. She was having a great time laughing as my
wife cried. I said nothing to the teacher and assured my wife that God
sees all and would avenge us in due time. After the lawyers met privately
with the judge, the DCFS lawyer said to us, "For whatever it's worth Mr. and
Mrs. Stewart, I think this whole thing is ridiculous and you never should have been
in the system to begin with." I thought that was big of him and so shook
his hand and thanked him. I said, "You're just doing your job." Afterwards I wondered why
I said anything nice to him at all, considering that he is an
accomplice to DCFS' evil deeds. I guess I and my wife were just scared to
death being around the judge and lawyers (they do have the power to hurt us!). DCFS is a heathen, monstrous and brutal system
filled with hateful people that have no qualms about destroying families. The
DCFS investigator was also present at the hearing and waved at me and my wife. We naturally waved back because we're not mean or revengeful people.

I and
my wife were scared to death and didn't know what to say, so we were friendly
and said nothing (that's why we hired a lawyer). Regardless, I believe
that anyone who works for DCFS is guilty of being an accomplice to some
degree. I couldn't work for such a cut-throat business. It appears that the judge is in our favor, but it is too soon to
tell what will happen in September. The judge said that even if the two
doctors don't come to an agreement, he WILL make a decision. Unfortunately, we have to wait ANOTHER 3 1/2 months for our next hearing (this
is ridiculous!). We have already been billed by our lawyer for over $20,000. I am
the only bread-winner in the family. I am trying to support myself, my
wife, four children and several pets on ONE income (and not a very big one I might add). We will be in debt for years to come. We've come too far to turn back
now and
I pray to God that we don't have to take out a home-equity loan to continue
fighting the heathen state bureaucracy. We may still lose when all is said
and done. Our lawyer has repeatedly assured us that we are good parents. Our
crime was caring too much about our daughter.
If we had just placed
our little girl on drugs, we wouldn't be in the DCFS system; but then her
well-being and possibly even her life may have been jeopardized. Thank God,
we're not that kind of parents (our daughter suffered enough when she was 5-years old from the Ethosuximide). The Depakote was a mere repeat of the
Ethosuximide, just different side-effects.

Final Words

The silver lining to
all of this dark storm is that our daughter has been healed!!! I wrote this article because I want as many people as possible to know what we
have gone through. At the writing of this article, it has been 14-months
since we were put into the DCFS system. Even with a lawyer, having already
been billed for over $20,000, we're still trying to break free of a monstrous system of
coldhearted evil people. I believe there are many parents out there going
through the same thing. If not, take heed because you may be next! You better ask for copies of your children's medical records to protect yourself
down the road. Get it in writing! If the doctor changes his records, you'll
still have the
originals. You'd better do exactly what the doctor says or else find another
doctor to remove the liability from you. If your doctor recommends
something, you had better do it if it involves your child (otherwise you may be
charged with neglecting a child by DCFS). The State is ruthless and you'll think
you're living in Nazi-Germany if you end up in the system as we did.

In our case, the doctor had said
that the decision was up to the parents, but then he lied when he found out DCFS
was doing an investigation. His lies hurled us into the system. It
was my wife's word against our doctor's. The bottom line is that petite mal
seizures do NOT require a medicine for ANY medical reasons whatsoever. DCFS does NOT have
the right to force our daughter to take dangerous drugs! This is evil and reflects the ever-increasing aggression of our government
against the American people. Every one involved in our case is making big
bucks by our case being dragged-on, except us... it's destroying us financially. Worse yet, no one cares. We have contacted Oprah Winfrey, Montel Williams,
Walter Jacobson, WGN news, Channel 2 News, et cetera... no one is interested in helping

We ask for your prayers in
the difficult months ahead, we are fighting a two-headed monster here (it's a legal
and bureaucratic nightmare). We are VICTIMS of a wicked and
dysfunctional abusive system. We cared for our child and this is what
happened. At present our daughter hasn't had any seizures in over 9-month;
yet DCFS still won't let us go and the judge is making us wait and wait and
wait (while we go further and further into debt defending our family).

there no justice anymore? I and my wife have sincerely thought about
leaving this crazy country after all this is over. Is my retirement going
the way of Enron? Will there be any Social Security in the future (why are they
squandering the money)? I'd like to live in a place where no one tells me
what plants I can or cannot grow on my own property. In a place where I
don't have to pay taxes to park on the street (that I helped pay to build).
In a place where I don't have to pay rent (property taxes) on property that is
already mine. This
is Communism
. I'd like to live in a place where I can go fishing without having to pay
for a license (or risk losing my automobile and fishing equipment). In a place where no
one can force me to drug my child against our will. In a place where I don't have to wait years for a simple
court decision. In a place where a man can raise a family on one salary
where mom can stay at home and be a homemaker (without having to live near
poverty). Perhaps in Heaven someday. For now, America has become a
Communist nation and the tyranny is just getting started for Christian
parents. Say goodbye to the
U.S. Constitution

America used to be a nice place to
live. Before 1913, no one
paid any federal taxes. Before the Central Bank came into existence in 1914, a
dollar was worth a dollar. There was no DCFS system back then and parents
had the final say concerning what was "best" for their children. People
could park on the street without having to put money into a meter. Back
then, a man could support his family on one income (before the Central Bank caused the
Great Depression). America was a simple nation back
then. Our nation was not in debt (and deficit spending was not invented yet). Businesses were closed on Sundays and hardly anyone worked midnight shift (which
is detrimental to one's health). Life was so much simpler back then. There
was no public school system. Amen! How did children ever learn? America's
children are more unlearned and ignorant today than they were 100-years ago. Our government
has NO business controlling our lives, educating our children, forcing drugs
on them, teach them that homosexuality is acceptable, et cetera. God will
cast the wicked into Hell (Psalm 9:17). The government has too much money and too much power.

The power was supposed to
belong to the people; not the government. We have little power today as
individual citizens. We are at the mercy of the government's bureaucratic
powers (a machine out of control). Today, everything is being homogenized (i.e.,
the banks, our schools, Social Security, et cetera). This will be the downfall of America! If you don't believe me, read the
many philosophies and statements of America's founding fathers. They were
totally against a Central Bank and against government usurping too much
power. Where is justice?

Thankfully, God is still on
His throne and He will judge in due time. By faith we can make
it through anything with the Lord's help. One day at a time. We are
living in a wicked world. It is
not the government's responsibility to force children to take medication; It is
the parents decision. Unfortunately, the government is tampering with
everything in our lives, from our retirement money to the curriculum our children
learn in school. The government continues to plunder us further and
further into national debt, while our dollar steadily declines in
value. Every nation in history has been undermined by sin and injustice. Our days are numbered
in the United States of America! We deserve judgment.

By David J. Stewart


UPDATE as of 11-12-08:

Some of my ministries' visitors
have inquired concerning the conclusion of our situation with DCFS. Well,
it's been several years now since the 2002 incident. Thankfully, our
daughter has completely been healed of her petite mal seizures. The
homeopathic doctor's remedy worked wonderfully. Sadly, there are many
legitimate medical remedies which are deliberately being suppressed by those
who control the medical industry. I highly recommend homeopathic doctors.
The fact of the matter in our case is that our daughter was healed by the
natural remedy, despite being told by our "other" doctor that our daughter
would be a slave to taking drugs the rest of her life, never be able to
drive, and never live a normal life. For the truth about the medical
industry, please listen to:

Edward Griffin - A World Without Cancer - The Story Of Vitamin B17

The preceding presentation is
based on chapter 2 of the book,


Our battle with the State of
Illinois ended in the fall of 2003. We moved away from Illinois for fear of
retaliation or further tyranny from State authority. We sold our home to pay
off our legal expenses. Through all the bitter tears, overwhelming emotions,
constant fear of losing our children to the Godless State, unbelievable
financial pressures, et cetera—well, the consequences are lasting. Our
family has been traumatized. During the brutal onslaught by the State of
Illinois, my wife emotionally fell apart. We are living in a rotten world
today, when you just can't trust anyone anymore, including religious people.
The malicious woman who had turned us into the State literally laughed in
our faces at the Administrative Court hearing, even as my wife wept in
bitter tears of sorrow and fear. What a bunch of #$%^&*! We did move away
from Illinois, the "cut-throat" state, in 2004. Sadly, all of
America is going to hell and it's bad everywhere nowadays.

A Final Warning to Parents

Parents beware―get everything in writing from
your doctor to protect yourself when it comes to your kids―or else find
another doctor if you don't agree with him (or her). You can't just
decide not to do something that the doctor recommends, even if you know
you're being a good and responsible parent by not allowing your child
to be drugged for no reason. Doctors are dealing numerous drugs today
that are dangerous to children...

"More than 85,000
prescriptions were given to children in 2004 for antidepressants that
the regulatory agencies had ruled should only be given to adults."

is E V I L S C U M!

Tamera Jo Freeman holding up a photo of her beloved children. She lost them to a Communist Police State in 2009 for spanking them as any responsible parent would do.

Spank children on plane, lose them

12-year-old with cancer taken from her parents

12-year-old With Cancer Taken From Her Parents

The P
(by Texas Congressman, Dr. Ron Paul)

New Freedom
Initiative Act

Mental Screening
No Child
Left Undrugged

Medical Fascism

Killer Vaccines
Baffling Vaccine FACTS!
Ask Your

-Follow the Money

pray for our families

God's Curse is On America!

All information
posted on this website is the opinion of the author and is provided for
educational purposes only. It is not to be construed as legal or
medical advice. Only a licensed lawyer or doctor can legally offer such advice in the
United States.


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I really felt sad when I see young children suffering from this kind of of desease they are too young to experience this If only I can help them with their sufferings I will do it.

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