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Corrupt filth from FACS NSW Micheal Coutts Trotter & Pru Goward Lakemba FACS

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on Sun, 05/04/2014 - 15:28
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
 Corrupt filth from FACS NSW Micheal Coutts Trotter & Pru Goward Lakemba FACS

> From: "Prime Minister of Australia" <>
> Date: 11 March 2014 5:30:11 PM AEDT
> To: ***
> Subject: Your message to the Prime Minister
> Thank you for your message to the Prime Minister at

> Submitted on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 - 5:30pm

> Subject:  Corrupt filth from FACS NSW Micheal Coutts Trotter & Pru Goward Lakemba FACS
> docs
> Comment:
> Dear Mr Abbott
> This is the fifth email I've sent you I have incriminating evidence in black
> and white proof for you and the correct legal authorities and judicial system
> to legally damage Micheal coutts trotter he is a criminal bully and I'm
> telling you as prime minister sort it out what do you want me to do mr Abbott
> take the law into my own hands I can't I have a family I love you get trotter
> in order I'm owed millions in compensation you mark my word
> I have evidence of
> 1/ blackmail
> 2/bullying
> 3/gross negligence
> 4/ perjury on a grand scale
> 5/ lack of duty of care
> 6/ altered changed and manipulated 16a request police events that's a serious
> crime
> 7/ altering adding and lying in mandatory reports BIGTIME
> 8/ falsifying evidence
> 9/ defamation
> 10/ discriminstion
> 11/ wasting of government time and resources
> 12/ lying in hotline reports wasting valuable police time and putting in
> affidavits a legal document to district court which were proven to be false
> perjury
> 13/ gross abuse of government power
> 14/ lies deciet falsified department records a lot
> 15/ independent lawyer Peter Braine corrupt works for the department not for
> the PEOPLE me Abbott
> 15/ the total ignorance and hiding from the truth fact law
> 16/ the illegal abduction of my son 27 months and its still the same the
> department created and generated a false and misleading representation of
> myself as a father a man mg character and member of the public all done by a
> racist anti feminist bigot
> 18/ where are my rights your going to pay for it I give you my word if you
> think I'm going to let your government do this to me and you sit back and not
> do nothing that won't happen I'm not shutting up mr Abbott nip it in the bud
> it's going to escalate legally BIGTIME
> 20/ I have proof incriminating for everything I have stated in black and
> white and can't bs ignored I'm willing to show the appropriate authorities do
> something about it at least pay me the courtesy of a reply letter to my
> address your ignorant il make sure everybody knows you knew for months and
> did zip for the people and families if our country don't under estimate me mr
> Abbott I don't give up and I NEVER lose when I'm right
> 21/ section 90 states the department had no right to stop me and my partner
> talking she was bullied and threatened with the loss if our son In court
> transcripts loud n very clear BLACKMAIL what will be done I know what I'm
> going to do but you as our leading minister what are you going to do you did
> say this government is about the people by the looks of it your false
> imitation and not a man of your word that's a weak human being I could never
> do that il be an advocate for the less fortunate families and children that
> suffer the cruel henious abuse of a filthy corrupt lawless government
> department run by Micheal coutts trotter and Pru Goward
> Regards ***
> Loving caring adoring father of ***
9 Apr

>> Submitted on Tuesday, 11 March 2014 - 11:56pm

> Subject: Trotter goward lakemba docs
> Comment:
> Dear mr Abbott
> I'm sincere , genuine , truthful . A man of integrity respect and loyalty
> everything I have sent you is the truth not one created or generated every
> word is with truth dignity and I'm fighting for justice and sir I give you my
> word I will never stop till it comes to the fore not only for me and my
> family but also all the other sad disillusioned families that suffer through
> the hands of this corrupt department they are serious allegations mr Abbott
> but it is true I have all the evidence to prove that I am 1 million pc in the
> right what I have sir is UNDEFENDABLE by your government

> From: "Prime Minister of Australia" <>
> Date: 15 March 2014 2:02:00 PM AEDT
> Subject: Coutts trotter Joseph Sara lakemba docs
> Comment:
> Mr Abbott
> I said I wouldn't email you again get a copy of email I sent to everybody
> Friday night
> What are you going to do mr Abbott you are our leading minister I've been
> polite to you but you seem to be full of shit your speech to the people of
> our country when you were elected whilst surrounded by your family on
> national tv was a complete farce PRIME MINISTER is a very honoured position
> you PROMISED in your speech that this government is about the PEOPLE why lie
> what are you doing your running our country you have been informed by a
> loving caring respectful man a man of integrity principles and morals you
> have ignored me not even a response letter that's ignorant and unjust whilst
> you ignore me you let a member of your government to continue to act
> illegally unlawfully and it keeps getting worse mr Abbott I'm a 50yr old
> Lebanese man born and bred here come from a beautiful family I don't like
> being messed with I'm telling you now you will have a major issue in your
> government I'm not going away a lot of people on my side of the fence are
> well aware of what's happening its unlawful its bullying its illegal its
> theft it's cruel and one is pushed to the extreme all of these emails I've
> sent you are printed the whole of Australia will know that you knew that this
> man came to you for help for something you promised our people and you failed
> to deliver mr Abbott me I can't do what you did if I say something or promise
> something I deliver I don't talk shit you have let your director general take
> the law into his own hands I'm not doing that I'm abiding by the law but I'm
> still being bullied and defamed and discriminated with lies and deciept I
> have all the proof I'm an innocent man because I stood up for what I believed
> in your director general acted illegally and added 12 years when on the
> 18/4/2013 it was only 2 years I sent discrimination papers he was that
> vindictive he gave me 12 years WHY find out the reason they gave is because
> when my son was taken illegally I had to visit him in a facs room he was 2
> his mum got sick went to hospital my little boy hasn't seen his mum for 4
> weeks I said MUMMY LOVES YOU BOPPY SHE WILL BE HOME SOON yep that's what it
> was they said it was inappropriate behaviour it's in district court
> transcripts from case worker lakemba docs that's the only reason my son has
> been kept away from me for 27 months mr Abbott get him in order I'm going to
> punish your government what I have in evidence is UNDEFENDABLE do something
> about it I'm not mucking around I mean it you want to talk the talk you walk
> the walk tony it's appalling that you can sit back and let this unfold its un
> Australian it's unlawful it's a total and utter disgrace and your letting it
> happen I'm not a easy boy I'm tenacious relentless methodical and I am a
> ADVOCATE for the cause our PEOPLE ignore me I know I won't be ignored because
> TRUTH HONESTY INTEGRITY EQUALITY always. Delivers patience

> From: "Prime Minister of Australia" <>
> Date: 21 February 2014 5:05:33 PM AEDT

> Subject: Your message to the Prime Minister
Micheal coutts trotter and justice
> Comment:
> Dear mr Abbott
> I've sent you 3 maybe 4 emails on my plight and my pain and not only mine but
> my ex partners and my 2 sons 26 months this has gone on sir I have proof
> black and white for everything nobody can escape the truth the judge in
> district court did all he could judge elkaim sc he helped me to the best of
> his ability
> Mr Abbott I have proof of blackmailing bullying lack of duty of care
> negligence corruption perjury altering of mandatory reports altering of 16a
> request police events lies deciept defamation discrimination it's horrifying
> that a government department can get away with this sir I've spent thousands
> fighting for the right to see my son but also now must stand up for all
> Australian mum and dads it's horrific what this department get away with mr
> Abbott please I need a response to this question your secretary asked me to
> send in all my paperwork I havnt had the mental energy to do it I'm fatigued
> sir I'm asking you as leading minister in our country please pay me the
> courtesy of answering this truthfully I can't and don't want to be harmed
> anymore whilst in district court Micheal coutts trotter barrister David
> Anderson kept asking me where I'm headed with all of this I said all the way
> he kept asking me and I said I'm not stopping he replied well somebody in
> high court with authority will tell you no is it true mr Abbott that our
> judicial system is all corrupt and would damage the everyday austalian even
> with evidence truth fact all in black and white would the high court of our
> country ignore people's human rights his comment sir is in court transcripts
> Ive lost all my money and my family are helping financially am I wasting my
> time with what I've written to you please don't ignore this email I'm
> concerned I will be treated unjustly unfairly and our government and
> Australians as a whole have no chance of justice you did say it was about the
> people mr Abbott ?? Please respond in writing to one of my emails especially
> this one and tell me barrister David Anderson for crown was lying when he
> stated high court of austalia is corrupt
> Kind regards
> Joseph Sara
> Loving caring adoring father of Alexander Sara.
> 0478740002


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What is DoCs protocol for interviewing kids. Do the Courts require proof in the way of  video or audio recordings of the interview before DoCs can remove kids?

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I have witness endless trickery and deceit used in order to remove children from loving families. They lie and withhold information. They will then send you to one of their hitmen shrinks to provide a fake psych report which will include all of their lies, to back them up so it looks like you are the worst parent in the world. The best thing you can do is to always record them.