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Corrupt and Abusive Facs Staff in Dubbo

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on Sat, 01/31/2015 - 00:06

These people have caused my life pure F**ken hell for almost one year, they took my Daughter off me on 9th March 2014 at 10 weeks old and stuffed around for nine months, when they should have submitted something to the courts on 12th March 2014 about removal of child., They put her under the care of the minister on 11th December 2014 and I have just only had my first court hearing on 29th Jan 2015, appealed against everything they have come up with in those nine months and have a next hearing on 26th Feb....also did not get to spend my Daughter's first birthday with her, christmas or even new years, which was said at the first hearing but the judge didn't really seem to gave a s**t about that, the hearing was 10 mins and the judge seemed to favour the FACS bitches and bastards.

The corruptors, abusers, manipulators, liars and bullshitters..

Monika Mcdonald - multicultural caseworker (has caused me discrimination and definmation to my culture, I am Australian born she states i am not showed her my brth certificate, states that is fake, I found out she is not australian born but from holland, she is extremely overweight aswell and has no children of her own and has never seen me with my Daughter ever!!!)

Stacy Moore - Manager of Dubbo office (refuses an appointment with me for the past nine months about the above caseworkers behaviour towards me, have only seen her once at the reception counter at their office, has terrible red blotches on her face like a skin disease, signs all the bullshit paperwork about me, and claims to know every politicain personally, states she has a good relationship with the minister, this person has no children either)

Peter Bartley - Lawyer for facs - Arsehole tells lies on behalf of the above people under oath.

Kelly Hardie - Lawyer for facs (I have not come across her yet, but other family members have, got told she used to work for legal aid and is clever at twisting the manipulated information to the extremes.