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CFCA information exchange - We want figures that tell the truth about corrupt child protection

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on Mon, 04/22/2013 - 19:14
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
CFCA information exchange - We want figures that tell the truth about corrupt child protection
Dear Michael
Thank you for your email. I'm sorry that you found our publication of little help and misleading. 
Your questions are complex and there is little or no research that has been conducted on many of the topics you raise. Our fact sheets are designed to summarise existing research into useable and simple fact sheets - if the research doesn't exist, we're unable to provide it. However, where available we will take your suggestions on board for topics to prioritise for future research, time and resources permitting.

Some of the questions we know there are no published data at state/territory or national level. But questions can be directed to the local child protection department - see: Or you could try to contact the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare

Specific answers to your questions are provided below in green.

Kind regards, 
Elly Robinson
Manager, CFCA information exchange

Query from webpage:
Name: Michael Borusiewicz (Lukes Army)
Comment: I found your page on child abuse and statistics to be of little help and if anything misleading.

How many of these accusations were false and how many of those people were prosecuted.
No readily identifiable source of data.

How many parents accused of abuse and neglect denied the accusations and how many received acknowledgement.
No readily identifiable source of data.

How many people a year complain about the treatment given to them by child protection departments, and how many are satisfied with the outcome?
Each state or territory may include this information in their annual reports, which should be accessible via their websites. The child commissioners in each state/territory may also have some information - contact details are here:

Which office in each state received the most complaints?
As above

Why is child protection now being outsourced in all areas except for their own complaints departments?
As above

How many children die in each state while in the care of the department each year?

How many kids are drugged in foster care compared to in the family home?
No readily identifiable source of data.

How many more times likely is a child to die in foster care than in the family home?
No readily identifiable source of data. This is a particularly complex question from a research point of view that to our knowledge no-one has tackled yet.

How many children who have been in foster care end up in jail?
This article may be of interest:


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Hi michael, i just saw your post on statistics, and while you made many valid points theres one id like to add. I know for a fact that the statistics in children abused in care (if there are any that havent been swept under the carpet) cant possibly be right. Not only have my children been taken now but i was in care when i was 6 years old (id be very interested to see the statistics on THAT too - how many victims of Child Safety have gone on to have their children removed on the grounds of 'unresolved childhood neglect', even if they -like me- have spent years in therapy to resolve those issues?). For the month that i spent in a foster home i was sexually, physically and emotionally abused numerous times by my 'carer'. I was never once asked if i was happy or felt safe at that house, i was never once encouraged to confide in anybody if something bad happened. So i didnt. To this day, the 'statistics' do not include my experience because i was too damn afraid to speak up. I thought i was already being punished by not being allowed to see my mum, i was petrified of stepping a toe out of line or doing the wrong thing. Yes i had had a terrible time of it at home, i most definitely was neglected, however it was the removal from home which turned me into a shy, timid, terrified little girl. My nightmares are not of my home life, my nightmares come from that month at that place with those sick people. How many other children have shared my experience? How many were abused but too afraid to speak up until its too late and nearly two decades have past? And how many children are in that position now, to afraid of being further punished to say a bloody word?

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You need to name these people, right here right now, they should not be foster carers

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that song was good michael and it speaks the truth about every single child snatching department in the world. how many more kids like ur innocent little boy need to die at the hands of the scum of the earth before they take notice of complaints made by parents that can be backed up by proof n they still ignore it about abuse neglect assaults n medical neglect. makes me wonder how much they get paid to lie fabricate commit perjury n cover it up like the inhumane services have done with my case. AND ITS THANKS TO U MICHAEL N MARNEY THAT MY CHEEKY LITTLE BOY'S ABUSERS HAVE BEEN EXPOSED.

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Why are the victims the ones apologising?

For most of the questions asked the answer is no readily identifiable source of data, then for some oh we may have some of those stats in some annual report or the question is too complex, excuse us?

They do not even collect data on child abuse and child fatalities in foster care or on the trauma experienced by parents of those removed.

Well I do apologise because I asked this person some similar questions over a year ago and I got the same answers. I am not sure how she good keep replying like this and just continue to stay in such a job.

It is just a further way for institutions to make money from the misery of others while doing nothing to help any situation.

They investigate child abuse and sexual assault and fail to enforce any real protection or enact any changes in society.