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Blue Pixie Dust for Kyle Holland

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on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 10:02

This event is to light candles for Kyle Holland's 7th birthday. We would love for you to take pictures of a cake with 7 candles on it and post it or pictures of ballons, drawings, anything that will be in memory of Kyle's would be 7th birthday.

Here is Kyle's story: Kyle Joseph Holland was born on April 8, 2005 and died July 12, 2010. Kyle lived for five short years before allegedly being killed by a wolf hybrid dog that belonged to his mothers’ live in boyfriend. Kyle lived in Lincoln Park, Michigan with his mother, Debby Holland and her boyfriend of just two weeks Dwayne Adkins. Inside the house with them at the time of Kyle’s death were two pet dogs, a 35 lb. Lab mix and a 90 lb. Siberian Husky/German Shepherd mix (Wolfe Hybrid) which is illegal in the state of Michigan.

The dogs were apparently there for security reasons and not in a cage at the time of the attack. Neither of the two dogs had a license. After Kyle’s death, Debby Holland said that she put him to bed about 10.30 pm with a glass of chocolate milk and the TV on so Kyle could watch some cartoons. This was the last time Kyle was seen alive, he was found dead by his mother, lying on the floor near his bedroom door at about 9.30 am. His injuries were horrific, but both Adkins and Holland deny hearing anything.

As the creator of this page I have debated whether or not to list his injuries as I find it quite upsetting, but have decided to do so. Please be careful reading the next paragraph. Part of Kyle’s thigh bone was missing as was a lot of the soft tissue on the thigh. Kyle’s chest cavity was crushed and he had received more than 80 puncture wounds. His buttocks were gone, his sacrum was gone, part of his pelvis was gone and his right hip joint was only partially present. When Police arrived drugs were found in Adkins car and in the property.

Police are unable to say whether or not there was another cause of death prior to the dog attack because the time of death is unknown. At the time of writing (Sep 2011) Debby Holland has been charged with manslaughter, second degree child abuse and being an accessory to disposing of marijuana plants and Dwayne Adkins is being charged with one count of a dangerous animal causing death and possession with intent to deliver or manufacture marijuana. Kyle was born with a disability in that both his legs were turned inwards and he had surgery to remove an extra bone in his spine.

Kyle sometimes wore braces on his legs to help with walking. This did not stop Kyle enjoying life to the full as the pictures on this page show. Kyle’s father, Justin died in a car accident when Kyle was just four months old. The crash was at first ruled a homicide but was later ruled just an accident. Prior to the crash Justin told his mother who lives in Tennessee that he was going to bring Kyle back to Tennessee with him.