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Australian Institute of Family Studies - Do some proper research on child protection in Australia

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on Mon, 05/12/2014 - 02:52
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Australian Institute of Family Studies - Do some proper research on child protection in Australia

I have just written to Australian Institute of Family Studies.  If we could all write our stories and send them, perhaps the Australian Institute of Family Studies may actually do some research regarding the flip side of child protection in Australia.. I would really like to compile some stories specifically about the harsher cases of abuse in care or where actual evidence is available of corruption and fraud by CPS. Please PM me if you can contribute.

To Whom It May Concern,

I have been reading some articles regarding Care and Protection in Australia. Specifically by Alister Lamont.

I would like to get in touch with a researcher about doing some research into the dangers children are posed with while in "care and protection" the misconduct of the services due to legislation permitting CPS to remain unaccountable and abuse of children while in care.

I have much evidence on 2 cases where a child has been abused while in care (and can get substantially more) and have irrefutable evidence of corruption by CPS in relation to fraud, instructing supporting agencies (ie Barnardos) not to comply with Court orders and fabricating evidence as well as other issues of corruption.

Indeed, the matter of CPS being almost "untouchable" under legislation has been a real issues in most states.

Is there any existing research on such subjects that you can link me too also?


Katherine Konroy xxx

Note: I have been compelled to comment on the AIFS website a number of times and my comments have always been removed...

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Author : Luke's Army
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I recently visited someone in Victoria who is one of the first to be involved in this programme. After being locked in a hospital for a month so she could be hovered over, stood over and spied upon, she was then allowed home with her child that she was accused of not being able to look after properly.
Now she is terrified to have anyone in her home in case these little hitlers visit her.
She has a carer in her home also.
They ask her if she thinks it's a success and if what is happening is good, and what do you people expect her to say?
What a huge waste of money so people can be employed to spy on her every move. All the people involved give each other a pat on the back and report how much of a success it was because one baby has not been stolen.
Sorry if this doesn't go along with all the patting on the back, but child protection should really be investigated properly by a royal commission or some outside agency, everything has been privatised except it's own complaints department.
Please don't block me as I am truly interested in child protection reform and all the latest attempts at fixing the system, I am just not one of those inside the system.

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Just read this if you want to write to Australian Labor today, I wrote this to them.......

Every one should know: child protection in Australia and all over the world is counterfeit. In Australia alone tax payer funding is $5 billion and every thing in foster care is worse than the general public from low grades, to more psychiatric illness, even more danger and death from abuse in foster care than the general public.

The agencies income is based solely on forcibly removing children. The workers lie about parents to get away with stealing children and no indifference of being your worst enemy. 28 000 children are in foster in N.S.W alone.

No court case has been won by a family against child protection in the courts because they are corrupt. There are groups all over the internet i.e Luke's Army open group. The public has no idea it is happening. Stop child protection violence against children. child protection are not democratic.

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Hi Jillian,

Do you know if anyone has been succsessfull in having an order varied? 

I was hoping and praying that there haven't been any succsess stories simply because of the lack of knowledge around making and filling your own application, also because the phrase "Appliying to the Courts"  to most people sounds expensive but actually dosent cost a cent (apart form hundreds in printer ink).

Im headding out tomorrow to see a JP to sign my application to vary an order, but im quickly losing hope with the more i read.

My little girl was taken from me and placed with a family i would glady die for at the drop of a hat (even though i have never physically met the lady i call "the mother of my daughter") but she was taken from them to so we have been in a loosing battle dealing with Minister Rankine/David Waterford ect, ect, for so long it just hurts.

i believe every government associated person needs to simply be replaced!, this world needs a second chance as we have completely distroyed our first.