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Australia.- Help for people who are Dealing With The Department of Community Services (DoCS, DHS)

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on Sat, 02/11/2012 - 19:32
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Australia.- Help for people who are Dealing With The Department of Community Services (DoCS, DHS)

Help for people who are Dealing With The Department of Community Services in the Australia.

Below are links to the Department of Community Services related information, groups, contacts etc. Please help parents and others dealing with the Department of Community Services in Australia by adding your group, website, contact details or anything you think may assist those who may have nowhere to turn.

Parents Should be warned never to approach the department of community services (DOCS), department of human services (DHS) or the department of child safety (DoCS) for help. Your children are likely to be placed in foster care, shifted from foster home to foster home, abused, molested, beaten by other foster children, even murdered, with little consequence and nothing but insults from DoCS and the DoCS minister.


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Can someone please help me. I go to court again today to hear CS Bowen office officailly revoke their orders to keep me son..For 5 months they had him and according to the Acting team leader after she reviewed my case said" he should never have been kept from me", she stated if she had not reviewed my case this drama could have gone on for a long time....I know it is all coming from a worker Michelle that I swore at as I was losing my carm.. I now wish to sue them for emotional and phycoligical damage they have done. My son had never had more than 4-5 nights away from me in his 5years. Please what law do I start with?

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Hi Andrea, I too am looking to sue the DoCS NSW for falsley removing my daughter almost 1 year ago...I have PTSD and my 8 year old is also traumatised still.

I have approached several big name No win no fee firms and NONE have got back to me...I have heard about a class action also against them, but it may be NSW DoCS..I will try and get some info for you ASAP Andrea, leave it with me,

All the best, and im soo very glad you got your boy home...Even though he is damaged, its horrible to say, but you and I are the "lucky ones"...






Thats going to be a good start...And Please let us know how you go and what has happened..You will be helping others who may be in the same situation later...


All the best Andrea.x.x.x.x

All the best, 


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Hi there Andrea....Well firstly we all lose our calm in this situation...I know many and I am one of them..Yes CS can and do get a beef about what we say or do and hold us to ransonm and our children...they do it constantly. Im living proof, my child is still in the situation, and she is 17 years old, and still not home with me. But if I was loaded with internet back then and social media, I would of had her back ages ago, but I wasnt and im not, so I can use what  I never had to help others, and tonight thats you.

Okay how did your revoke go? as that is very difficult, I am in the middle of mine, and the judge made no decision, but I got a little way. Do you have a good lawyer.

This sounds terrible. I know a good way to nail them and do it with evidence. Build your evidence. Think on your feet, take your time. Because their will come a time when you can and will sue them. Unfortunately in QLD its hard to get NO WIN NO FEE on Family Law, especially when half the people are bent anyway, if you know what I mean. But in the mean time, we have the internet and everything you want to do, you can do. You have a good case, and let me say how sorry I am about what you have been through... I know the hell you speak of and I will give you some heads up and send me a line if you need advice. Its been 17 years of fight for me, I dont want the same for you...

Firstly you have started in a good place. Once you get the revokation done, and you win, you are signed and sealed. The next part of sueing them, is a little more difficult but can be done, with patience, and alot of inner strength, and you know what, CS hanging on to our kids, and us fighting, give us the inner strength that they never new we ever had. Stand Up and Fight and Continue to Fight. I want to tell you about the documents you CAN have and CAN get. They are documents from Child Safety, they are theirs, yours, conversations, emails they send and much more. They are under the Right To Information of Qld. Google and your there. Request online(or by mail) the form you will be needing. Its an application form, and you will fill out a few pages, send it, with money $40.10 I believe it is. Now the ones you want(go the full hog hun). You want all the info you can get from child safety. Once you get the form, its easy. You sent some identification, signed, send by priotory. Then you will be asigned a case worker who will get all your records from the last however years, months you want about YOUR case...I have files and files that I sent for, some of them I didnt get, I often wonder about those, but I can try again..Ask for paper back files, and electronic, okay...the whole lot. It should take no longer that 2 months to get these...I went back to 1997 to get mine and got them in that time. However the person that did mine was reassigned..yip..strange that, people go on holidays and all sorts...Ok any me...any questions contact me...lastly...never EVER give up and keep going....cause I am....all the best...x

When you have taken everything I love, then I have nothing to lose and everything to gain...I fear not one Child Safety worker...anywhere, anymore, i have taken my power back, and I continue too

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hello. and well done for this page: i am a dad hwo has lost 2 children due to corruption lies and abuse of govt, courts and families sa.I have FOI documents unedited showing my son being abused by the mum and thenew partner over yrs with weapons being mentioned. excuse was (not enough funding) but when i originally went to families sa when i had my son, they did everything to do to steal my son and fabricated me being the abuser to my ex and my son. time always reveals the truth.but i got these documents and the govt dont care. the court dont care. i just keep gettin abused and told i wont see my kids til they are 18./  my daughter same story. mother is a drug addict, has mentally abused and physicaly abused my daughter. i and ann bressingtons office uncovered a digsuting trail of abuse. but again the court abused me, now i see none of my 2 federal court orders were breached by govt depts but they say no they didnt breach them. but its 100%clear they did, my lawyers took my money and abused me. i cant afford nothing now. i moved back to nz to get away frmo it as i was in serious depression and stil have very bad days. any idea of any help i can do to make a new order as its been a while. any advice on how to start a interneational case in nz against australian family court to expose them and get these people , judges and politiions exposed. i was always preotesting in SA but im wornout and lost.thanks..  i cant use llawyers as  none care and i cant afford them.

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Hi David, I'm so sorry to hear what you are going through. The system is setup to take kids away, let's face it. How much u love ur kids or they love u doesn't come into. The only people not doin well out of it are parents and children, everyone else is makin a fortune. Didi know I have put up some legal sites in the help section which I thinkik would be pretty helpful. You can post your story on the front page and in the LA group on Fb and ask for help too. There are some clever cookies on Fb in the group that give great advice n it's a good place to network

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Hi my name Natasha an I have 3beautiful boys that docs had taken from my care as there tryin to say that my boys have been touched by three different people an that I was using heroin an I was dealing but I've never once touched the drug as I seen my boys grandpop on it an it disgraced me I use to smoke pot an drink but I drank when my boys dad had them when he wanted to I smoke pot as I was a single mother of three an it was the only thing that relaxed me when they went to bed no way I would never put my kids in harm as I had been sexually molested myself when I was younger an what I went through it's was hard to because when I was younger I was uncontrolable an my patents tried to make me a ward of the state an that made me feel like no one wanted me know there tryin to take my kids an do the same thing my mother was trying to do to me now I love my kids to death I would do anything for them an if anyone touched my boys they'd have to end up locking me up cause I'd kill them so please if u can help me out that would be well appreciated

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Thankyou for posting on the site Natasha. What state are you in? Are there any orders in place or court proceedings?

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get the children indepentant lawyer and get them to have them checked by a doctor so as there is proof that it did in deed happen if a doctor cant say that the boys have be tappered with then docs have not got that to throw at u i as for the proof and they said we dont need it i said well i do as i know he has not been tappered with he hardly leaves my side and i was right he as not been so that is the way i went

good luck with it but and last bit of advice dont say boo as they will twist that too to make what they like out of it 

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I'm in nsw an yeah there is court proceeding going on at the moment there tryin t take my boys from me it's the only thing that im still here is my kids

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There are some good links for help fighting NSW DoCS to get your children back in the help section of the site that I have collected, have you had a look through there? Which DoCS office are you dealing with?

Oops, didn't realise that link was to this page. Have you had a look through the links above? How are you going for legal help?


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I'm a single father that has primary care of my nearly 3yo son due to his mother suffering from mental health problems (nothing written just an agreement that her and i came to)

2 Nights ago my son and i stayed over at her place for the night so she could spend time with him. In the morning she left for work at 7.30am and didn't wake me and my son got himself up and walked right out her front door as it can be unlocked just by turning the handle. Some neighbours picked him up straight away and called the police who door knocked woke me up and returned him to me. They said they were going to report me to child protection.


I'm really worried about what happens next. Nothing like that has ever happened with him and we don't normally stay over at her house, my entire house is child proofed with gates etc, i work full time and take care of my son full time and feel absolutley sick to my stomach that it has happened. 

A lot of people have said to me not to worry that kids get out all the time but i can't help but worry

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Hello Matty, thankyou for coming to the site and sorry to hear what you are going through. Having child protection in your life is never a good thing.

The scary part of this is if they want your kid, there is very little you can do to defend your child from them, the child protection system is set up to remove children.

Here is a blog to give you a rundown on what to do when you first make contact with child protection.

My most important advice would be to make sure you record. The best you can hope for is a case worker that is not out to steal children.