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My daughter was taken from me when she was just 3 days old

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on Sat, 09/21/2013 - 08:53

My daughter was taken from me when she was just 3 days old. She will be 2
next month and cps still wont give her back.

I did nothing wrong cps is the most corrupt org.i have ever seen in my life.

All they do is lie lie lie they don't know what the truth is. I just wonder how people like that can sleep at
night, or if they even have a conscious.they just make me sick to my stomach that people like that exist.

Note: Just wanted to let the person who sent this in through the contact form on the site that I did try to reply to your email but my reply bounced.

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i feel your pain,as when my daughter was born 48hours later she was taken from me by docs. yeah two wks later i got her back but a yr n two months later she was taken again by them but it was 24hours later after having a csection they also came into the hospital n took my son. n stil to this day they are both in foster care. i just want them back as nuthing had happnd against the father and thats who they are against the father of my kids. and yet we arent together anymore and i stil cant get the kids back.