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Seeking children who want to leave foster care - A better life than abuse in DoCS Qld foster care

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on Tue, 06/18/2013 - 10:42
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Seeking children who want to leave foster care

Are you trapped in an abusive foster home with nowhere to turn? Under Australian federal law if you are employed and self supportive you have the right to choose where you wish to live. You should photograph all injuries sustained from abuse in foster care and keep a diary of all abuse. Record all abusive conversations or sexual abuse. We recommend you proceed with charges against those responsible and can assist with legal action against the department responsible for your detainment in foster care.

This month Luke's Army is focusing assistance on children who have been abused while in the care of Atherton DoCS and Cairns North DoCS. Please come forward should you need assistance or wish to expose the abuse you have been submitted to by these DoCS Qld offices.

We at Luke's Army know how much DoCS Qld harm families, lie to the public and their victims, cover up corruption and devastate the lives of all in their paths. The following show more lies, coming from the top of this corrupt, evil government department falsely portraying itself as a savior of children when they are nothing more than kidnapping murderers. Help is at hand...

Luke's Army now has a working farm offering young people from the age of 14 and up who have been or are being abused in foster care accommodation, employment and support.

Contact Michael: michael@lukesarmy so that we can put a stop to abuse in foster care and by the Qld Department of Community Services

My reply to this DoCS Qld predator Michael Linnan...

I always record because I know what low down lying filth I am dealing with when talking to the department. I will pursue this without your authority or assistance and seek out the worst of your departments victims and pick up the pieces. Thankyou for your reply, I will not try to contact Pat the Rat Anderson again.



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Apply to the government for a grant for the farm not docs before budget make an app then show your outlay of plans you should get approval and funding like a bush regeneration program

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Everywhere you look you see organisations that have sold out to these predators. I don't want them on my property. They help no one, they ruin and destroy everything they touch.

Our farm is private and will make money. As soon as the government comes in they will ruin everything and destroy any chance of making this work. They have shown what they can do, I want no part of their mismanagement.

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Here in WA a mediator/lawyer phoned me in support stating that she has tried over 500 cases with DCP in her career and that of these cases only 1 was successful. DCP gets what they want and if they break the rules or the laws , they get away with it.

DCP of WA and all the supposed "Departments" globally are corrupt and in collusion with other government funded agencies such as Legal Aid, Lucy Saw Counselling, Crisis Care which is just after hours DCP, Family Court and CCC. Each helps the other to excuse the lack of integrity , the corruption and serious misconduct. There is no check and balance. There is no assurance of integrity.

"The Departments" which globally deal with the supposed protection of children all lie and get paid to abuse the families of the children they are supposed to be serving. This is bureaucracy which has been perpetuated globally to sustain itself no matter what. They are beyond reproach and we must change that from the grass roots.

This mediator told me that there are laws being made in some muncipalities to regulate against the perpetuation of corruption and serious misconduct but these laws do not exist here in Wait A while; WA.

The unit which raises the child is the family. Until bureaucrats acknowledge this and support the family they can not hope to support and "protect" the children.

When our societies kidnap and murder children we can not possibly excuse this as recover
y and mishap. Children are taken without due process from places of alleged danger and placed in a system that shifts them from home to home and denies familial visits and precludes familial contact and supports the overpaid unqualified social workers instead of the FAMILY who supports the CHILD.

DCP asked me if I really wanted a DCP worker terminated. Of course I do! She admitted she kidnapped my grandchildren without legal authority without due process and stands accused of coercion and criminal fraud. Why is she still paid? Why do the boys still live with the father and his incapable mother?

This DCP caseworker coerced the paternal grandmother of my adopted daughter's children. This DCP worker told the grandmother how to dupe my daughter and said "she would be too stupid to read the orders. My daughter has a mental age of 9 . This state would not sterilise her because her IQ was too high now they rip her children from her and from her family who love them and place them with a crack addict and his mum who did such a poor job raising him.

My grandsons now watch porn and drink alcohol at the father's house and his affadavit that his mum was a poor mother and should not mess up his boys was disallowed by the magistrate because DCP found it "historic"and "baseless hostilities".

What is ancient history in the life of two and three year old babies DCP? What is baseless about the fact that the father is a violent cannabis and crack addict, cannabis and crack dealer and alcoholic with brain damage who wants HELP.

The parents want the boys safe with their mother in our family home. The mother is not on drugs and we her parents are not of diminished capacity. There is no excuse. None. This is heartless.

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I applaud you Michael for setting up this farm for children rather than for them to go into the murdering system of Queensland foster care.  Typical letter from the Department of Communities: pure evil and corruption as they want to keep children in foster care to continue the system of paedophilia in foster care.