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Australian Public Service Code of Conduct - Father's Rights

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on Thu, 02/14/2013 - 18:31
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Australian Public Service Code of Conduct - Father's Rights

Senators and Honourable Members


Community Organizations and Individual Members cc and Bcc

Australian Public Service Code of Conduct

·         An APS employee must behave honestly and with integrity in the course of APS employment.

·         An APS employee must act with care and diligence in the course of APS employment.

·         An APS employee, when acting in the course of APS employment, must treat everyone with respect and courtesy, and without harassment.

·         An APS employee, when acting in the course of APS employment, must comply with all applicable Australian laws.

APS employees must treat the public with respect and courtesy, and without harassment. They should provide reasonable assistance and help the public to understand their entitlements and obligations. But being responsive does not mean public servants can ignore the law or provide a benefit to which a person is not entitled. APS employees must administer the law fairly and equitably and provide responsive, efficient and effective services.


Do heed ours and the cries of those CSA client fathers who suicide at the rate of about 1,600 a year in protest of being relegated into second and third class citizens by CSA and SSAT through their unlawful ‘administrative’ OVERCHARGING of fathers into financial attrition and poverty.  The father’s extreme distress into suicide is aggravated by it being ‘overcharged’ amount above what The Legislature set in law.  Arises out of Commonwealth Officers [APS] unlawfully assisting false claimant mothers - mostly on better financial basis than the father - to fulfill mothers exaggerated false claims.  By CSA and SSAT not as decreed by The Legislature and Australian Public Service Code of Conductnot PROPERLY investigating all aspects of such claims and ‘case facts’. By only ‘enforcing’ upon the father what the mother’s false claim alleges is held FALSELY by CSA and SSAT as the only and true ‘facts’ of the family and becomes  THE EXTENT OF THEIR TRUNCATED INVESTIGATION. Making it infallible that the mothers claim prevails and ‘wins’.


Then with SSAT not hearing an appeal denovo (anew) that was intended by The Legislature to expose any CSA mistakes or malpractices it becomes these same group of Commonwealth Officers to whom complaints are made about their malpractices are one in the same Commonwealth Officers  who then ‘obstruct’ legitimate Citizen’s complaints against them. And so substitute and uphold and enforce the “Feminist Template” over the “Legislature Template”.  [Note reply of CSA Officer Andrews attached here as typical of many ‘individual’ complaints made and ignored and described untruthfully by CSA to The Minister – misleading Parliament].  Are typical breaches of ‘obstructionism’ and their Australian Public Service Code of Conduct and of the Crimes Act that it has been legislated – by politicians - that they must comply with.  But politicians are sitting on their hands and allowing dishonest Commonwealth Officer to ruin good legislation and substitute it with a gender based ideology cause 74% of Australian male suicides and ruining the last of separated families.  These male suicides number almost the same as the national road toll and many times more than soldiers killed in current wars. Where is our Politicians grief and remedy for these ‘government created’ deaths and further family destruction?


A politician’s first duty of office individually and collectively is to ensure the legal and financial integrity of Government prevails but every politician is sitting in their hands on this one as none has ever made a report to the Australian Federal Police.  Grieving politically and falsely for kudos over road deaths and military deaths over which they have little or no sway but doing absolutely nothing about these ‘government’ created suicides that they have total control over the causes as set out herein and many times previously to them. Please ensure Minister K Carr and his portfolio charge does comply with the laws applying to the portfolio.


An inquiry into what is unlawfully occurring in the ‘confidential’ component of CSA and SSAT (suppression orders) decision making must occur and return the control of these Government Service Deliveries to the gender impartial intentions of The Legislature so that all members of the family are treated fairly and according to law.  The days of feminist insurgent usurping the law on misandary solely male blamein combatancy never had a lawful existence in CSA and SSAT and must end immediately.

Robert E Kennedy


Now read on for more detail on the CSA and SSAT ‘wormhole administration’ modus operandi how the Legislature is circumvented and feminist ideology substituted to achieve overcharging of payers.


 Kevin –[]

Now that you have told us by media release what CSA Commonwealth Officers ARE SUPPOSED TO DO  why do you not now ensure that is what they actually do during the ‘confidentiality’ of case administration?  And that the Stakeholder Director allows such reports about Officer misconducts to be submitted via the Stakeholders meeting for the purpose of its two way existence?  Such is the way CSA from highest levels torpedo complaints against CSA.  And how multiple complaints are not individually handled and all complaints if pursued by the complainant are allegedly dealt with by being ‘bundled’ and simply reiterating that CSA has complied with all aspect of their obligations.  By self preservation introspection avoiding completely investigating and answering the specific complaints that case outcomes prove CSA did not comply with case fact and legislation as they falsely allege.  That is so aptly demonstrated in our return mail from CSA Lorna Andrews attached above misleading The Minister and in effect misleading Parliament that CSA are being fact and law compliant to the template of The Legislature when clearly they are not.  By using such Bureaucratic obstructing replies and methodology CSA thwart the client citizens and The Minister and Parliament so as they can continue overcharging the father payers so that ‘women win’ in ‘governance by proxy’.  By unlawfully {criminally} using Commonwealth property to transfer the unlawful overcharge to {a woman} the mother not legally entitled to the overcharge portion via the payments system.  Thus substituting the unlawful ideological ‘feminists’ template in spite of their Australian Public Service (APS) training and workplace obligations to detect fraud and eradicate it from their ranks, CSA and SSAT Officers defy all of these duties  to still impose unlawful ‘women win’ ideology and obstruct all complaints made against their misconduct and the unlawful malpractice.  Thus via CSA and SSAT ‘feminism’ governs on gender by proxy.  Only so long as feminist ideological propaganda  of the ‘feminist template’ prevails that all men and fathers are liars and threats to their family and children as it has been for most of the existence of CSA and SSAT as it appellant member. As it is also in family law and family violence adminstrations.  THE PUBLIC SERVICE HAS CLOSED DOWN THE TRANSPARENCY THAT THE LEGISLATURE UNIVERSALLY DECREED BY THE PUBLIC SERVICE OBSTRUCTIONISM WHEN DEALING WITH COMPLAINTS.


Be advised Kevin []I uphold that Australia has worlds best child support legislation and service delivery system.  But from a long and wide spectrum of my direct experience over years and many cases it is rarely used – and as rarely seen by Payers and Citizens - by its Commonwealth Officers whose first duties to The Commonwealth and its Citizens is too prevent fraud.  Whereby instead CSA ‘payers’ are duped leastwise at case and senior and objection officer levels who ‘administer’ and make official case by case ‘determinations’ by instead by officer forcefulness and ambush and combatancy to ‘mislead’ and substitute ‘the feminist template’ for the legislated ‘template’ of The Legislature IS FRAUD.  I uphold the law when dealing with my clients to a degree if CSA did likewise the system would be working to law and impartially for all family members and cause a most dramatic drop in complaints to and about CSA and SSAT and better corporate images.


Kevin [] it seems CSA and SSAT have for so long been working to the feminist’s template that changing replacement staff is neither are any longer a resource of any knowledge of template of The Legislature and CSA and SSAT Officers no longer remain loyal Commonwealth Officers to The Commonwealth except to the ideology of feminism so that ‘women win’.  Kevin [] go to the ‘in confidence’ pages of files and check back on the ‘actual’ and not ‘alleged’ family facts and see the clear ‘evidences’ of how case officers tamper with evidences so as to achieve ‘women win’.  That has been the basis of many complaints thatCSA will not respond to except to only allege they have complied even in the face of evidence to the contrary has been provided to CSA they still holdfast to the feminists template only.  CSA and SSAT are regularly and serially misleading Parliament to be instead delivering feminist ideology determinations of ‘women win’ thus are stereotyping father as liars and false reporters when the false claimant is the mother being concealed by CSA and SSAT Commonwealth Officers assisting her in her fraudulent claim and each unlawfully blaming the fathers as a decoy to their fraud.


By CSA using false claims mostly upon change of assessment 6A reason 8 applications that are not investigated by CSA on facts already to hand to CSA and SSAT but instead simply substitute their misandary solely male blame’ feminist template allegedly as their own ‘CSA investigation’ of the family facts.  So it becomes irrefutable that ‘women win’ irrespective of what the father and overall family facts really are. In most cases there are no factual or legal grounds in 6A applications for CSA to lawfully change father payers off Taxable Income Assessment on to Administrative Assessment.  CSA Officers make the change for the reasons set out in part herein but mainly  because they believe the have unfettered freedom to ‘make it up’ but legislation does not permit then such a freedom they take as in s117 ‘capacity to earn’.  A subject on its own of the principle for of overcharging/


 Is Commonwealth Officers behaving contrary to their employment by ILLEGALLY ASSISTING a particular class of female citizen COMMITTING A FRAUD against The Commonwealth (a) against their employer The Commonwealth Government (b) and against  the father payer {by being overcharged} (c) and The Commonwealth again by using Commonwealth property {its systems} to make a fraudulent transfer {of the overcharge} (c) and transferring it to a citizen not lawfully entitled to the ‘overcharged’ amount.


 These Commonwealth Offices misdeeds as herein are prosecutable under Public Service Code of Conduct and Crimes Act Commonwealth 1913.  PLEASE FIX as you lawful daily duty before a citizens prosecution is forced to be initiated against The Commonwealth Government and Department head as second respondent and Kevin [] as third respondent.  There is also an action of Mandamus application to the High Court to make Commonwealth Officers carry out their duties they refuse to do.  PLEASE FIX.  Of course it is every Politicians daily duty individually and collectively to report any unlawful activities occurring in Government and The Public Service as is also occurring unlawfully on the feminist’s template as in CSA.  Also it occurs in the administration of family law and child protection and family violence.  Feminism has become an unlawful and ruling insurgent in these heterosexual Government Departments and Administrations. Female staffing ‘piggy backed’ it into administrative positions and delivering it.  This unlawful insurgent must be removed to allow The Legislature to ‘govern’ families’ gender impartially as the Constitution decrees and families to be left as cohesive and participating parents as far as possible.  Governance by gender is unlawful and effect in Government Service Deliveries must cease immediately. PLEASE FIX.


False claims by mothers alleging pensioner pauper status are common when they commonly received 70% of family property and then many commonly commit themselves to a house and car of costs beyond their financial means (as in s117 capacity to pay) are ignored by CSA and SSAT, as ‘over committing’ to ‘over spending and turn to fraud via CSA well know reputation of assisting mothers as outlined above to afford her s117 extravagant lifestyle.  Are instances CSA would hold out  if a father ‘over committed financially’ would still – according to legislation s117 – still be held liable to contribute more to child support payment.


But on the basis of gender CSA and SSAT ignore it in the same circumstances of a mother offender of the legislation because CSA will not do a full and proper investigation and SSAT will not run an appeal of CSA on the basis of ‘denovo’ (an entirely new) hearing on the same facts and law that CSA should have done.  This SSAT too are duping The Parliament who intended SSAT to be completely independent to CSA ‘denovo’ so as to rectify mistakes of CSA.  Instead both agencies are working together to facilitated fraudulent CSA and mother to commit crimes against The Commonwealth and it Citizens in a ‘gender war against men’ and father and fatherhood in particular.


When in fact the facts in such cases before CSA family court property settlement of 30% and legal costs it leaves father in a pauper status relative to the mother but the mothers s117 factors of 70% property and financial over commitment are ignored by CSA in 6A reason 8 claims and lay false claims and overcharge the already over burdened father payer.  And also the same CSA victimization of fathers on Commonwealth Pensions where child support is limited to $380 per year I have two clients being ‘ambushed’ and ‘bullied’ to pay $5,000 per year.


Is it no wonder that so many CSA payers suicide?  After being asset stripped and income reduced by family property settlement then by ambush and combatancy  unlawfully by CSA and SSAT overcharged what they cannot possibly afford and are ignored completely in their complaints.  Even when some have me as their representative CSA bypass me to deal directly in ‘ambush’ and ‘combatancy’ to enforce the unlawful OVERCHARGE.  Working for feminism instead of The Legislature and Federal Government.


Kevin []alleges complaints are promptly dealt with.  I have some years old just ignored even by the Ombudsman too on the same issues raised herein is the false way CSA alleges complaints have been dealt with.  On a very few occasions when CSA have responded it was not to address the complaint but to allege it had been dealt with.  Clearly not in the way The Legislature intended but through the same tainted ‘correctness’ to the feminist template and at time misquoting legislation to cover up the unlawful alteration of family facts.


Based on your 1.4 million statistics about four million aggrieved fathers and paternal families because CSA Officers are an accumulated resource to oppose the continuation of CSA Commonwealth Officers assisting fraudulent mother to commit financial fraud against fathers by unlawfully using Commonwealth property to achieve it.       PLEASE FIX


Kevin []please note we too in addition to 248 Federal Politicians have a media including unknown to you an enormous audience mainly of aggrieved fathers and their proactive organizations behind Bcc.  Respectfully we suggest it is the easiest for you to return CSA Commonwealth Offices back  to their legal compliance in their workplaces than try to argue in court a class action that your legal ‘wrongs’ of enforced fraudulent overcharges vial Commonwealth property is ‘right’. Your days of combatancy and by stealth divide and conquer are over.  Now what we want is just as The Legislature decreed no more and no less and no longer what feminism decrees.  Do you comprehend just how simple that is?  With none of the employment and superannuation risks of working undercover for feminism.


Misogamy cried the feminist EMILY’s List Prime Minister also knowing what goes on in CSA to hide the misandary control feminists and sympathizer staffs have across the heterosexual spectrum of Government Service Deliveries.  Males and fathers especially are no longer going to accept this relegation to second class citizen status in their heterosexual joint family responsibilities as has been thrust unlawfully upon them by the feminist insurgent piggy backing in a gender war against men out of Government and its Service Deliveries.


I am available to discuss any of these issues and more.  But as usual I expect CSA or The Minister will not respond to me and continue ignoring complaints in the routine and serial way they do so that they get paid by The Commonwealth Taxpayer and instead work for feminist ideologues the likes of EMILY’s List.  That soon threatens to soon overburden the Federal Police investigating CSA Department Head and Case and Senior Case Officer and Objections Commonwealth Officer for assisting fraud.  In which SSAT too will come under scrutiny and can no longer be counted on as cover up for CSA.



Robert E Kennedy          Coordinator        NT Office of Family, PO Box 988, Palmerston, NT 0831.  Phone 08 8932 3339




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GPO Box 9815 Melbourne VIC 3001
Australian Government
Department of Human Services
Mr Robert Kennedy
PO Box 988

Dear Mr Kennedy
Thank youfor your letter to the Secretary of the Department of Human Services (the Department), Ms Kathryn Campbell CSC, and your letter of 12 October 2012 to the Minister for Human Services, Senator Kim Carr, about your child support concerns.
Ms Campbell and Senator Carr have asked me to investigate your concerns and respond directly to you as I am the National Manager for Quality, Service Recovery and Customer Review within the Department.
In your letters you raise a number of concerns about the fairness of child support legislation and its application by the Department. While I appreciate your ongoing concern about the child support scheme, I am satisfied that the Department has provided you with appropriate information and advice to address your concerns.
As you were previously advised in Senator Carr's letter dated 17 May 2012, if you raise any case-specific issues in the capacity of an authorised representative for a customer, the matters will be referred to the Department to respond on a case-by-case basis.
The Department will only respond to any general concerns you raise where they have not previously been addressed.
Yours sincerely
Lorna Andrews
National Manager
Quality Service Recovery & Customer Review
Department of Human Services
5 November 2012
CC: Ms Kathryn Campbell
Secretary of the Department of Human Services

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Disgusting, and a homeless person will still have to pay CSA money for the other parent even if that parent is a home owner, land owner and working for federal parliament agencies. The person paying will already have been vilified and denigrated bashed and the children bashed (quite often) has been left destroyed vilified and labelled by mental health because of the situation and has been told they are not the parental control person so cant see the child. Once they CSA forgot to hang the phone up and I heard the girls laughing and calling me a control freak with mental problems, I heard them saying just leave her on hold she will start screaming when you pick the phone back up and we can call the cops on her.... Yes, I am a female but I understand perfectly how many blokes out their feel, as I have watched in family courts how the family support service (a DoCS service) acts against a father and how the workers give the judge a wink and a nod and that is all the magestrate needs to see, they did not want to see the pictures they just went on my word, while I never lied about anything I am dead sure a lot of women out there do, just like a lot of men do. I feel so sorry for the kids who are the ones who end up being the victims of this greedy hopeless violent system that abuses people who come IN GOOD FAITH and rewards those who are good at manipulating and lying. That is how kids get abused, die, and why so many hurt parents and siblings commit suicide, the whole mental health and justice system is a complete joke, and DoCS are nothing more than criminals acting under a much more criminal heirachy of religion and government. It is just a world we live in and it is a world we will still be living in, in the coming years, that is for those of us who do not actually give up and suicide. The truth is no one cares and every "help" is a facade of jobs in an industry of abuse which should actually be abolished, there is no real job in it, there is no jobs for ordinary people which is where the abuse starts. Australia is no longer a lucky country it is a dumb abusive, pretence of political correctness, which plays into the hands of some the whole time undermining the rest. It is a contrast that is economic greed and homelessness at the hands of those who have mortgages and are owned by banks to have them, it is a reflection on the governments and ministers that allow disproportion to occur in the community, and where they need to build housing, fix public housing stock and then maintain and police the communities living in them, shelter is a human right, so to the right to know your family and where you come from, so too the right to employment.... If these issues where responded to, family courts would not be at the top of the food chain because people in need would be better able to look after their own affairs in a mature manner. No person deserves abuse in the home, nor in a court room, it is a disgusting way in which such sensitive issues are continuing to be handled in Australia, and that we follow in the footsteps of even more disgusting countries in how we treat human beings..... So many criminals getting away with so much