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How to get the Notes Taken by DoCS at Supervised Visits

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on Wed, 06/06/2012 - 21:03

Taken from the Luke's Army group on facebook

hey michael..... docs said that they dont have to give me my contact nots
is that true....

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Both my daughter and I have always asked for notes at meetings that we have had with the dept and they say no to us all the time we have even rang the manger of the office and they keep saying he is not in or is in a meeting so we ask for hime to ring us back and he never does we have our last day for hearing this week to find out what happens with my grand daughter is he stays in there care or come backs home to us we have been fighting them now for almost a year We dont know what we will do if the courts do not let her come back home to her mother or myself while she has been in there care she has come to visit with bruizes on her face and legs when we tell the case worker about this she does not care at all about it from the time  we told them that she was Aboriginal that was when they took her from her mother this is the stolen generatsion all over again by DOC's and they get away with it she has been moved 8 time senice she has been with DOC;s