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Life Without Barriers Exposed - Kids For Cash

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on Wed, 08/08/2012 - 08:40

Life Without Barriers Part Two - Profile of an LWB Manager - Peter Moore

by Michael Borusiewicz and Joanna Scriven

How Life Without Barriers Began

In 1995 a group of lawyers and businessmen came together in Newcastle to form Life Without Barriers. Upon the appointment of Ray Dunne in 2001 as CEO, Life Without Barriers became a company on steroids feeding off society's most disadvantaged families and children.

Undoubtedly this is due to Ray Dunne's previous senior positions held within the Child Protection Departments of Families SA in South Australia, Department of Community Services in NSW (DoCS NSW) and Department of Child Safety in QLD (DoCS QLD).

Life Without Barriers Golden Handshakes

Ray Dunne was able to use his position of influence to turn Life Without Barriers into a company with merely a couple of offices in NSW to an impressive franchise which has now reached almost 100 offices across Australia. Highly commendable you might think but let us delve into the seedier side of Ray Dunn and the underbelly of Life Without Barriers, the golden handshakes, deals done behind closed doors and the corruption which cloaks and protects Life Without Barriers, which now receives over $500m a year from the NSW government alone.

Ray Dunne was able to illegally secure information on government tenders and priority over bids for the care of children in foster care. This has led to a monopoly on out of home care for children in the three states where Life Without Barriers are prevalent in Australia, QLD, SA and NSW.

One could be forgiven for assuming that this multi million dollar business could be responsible for the astounding increase in children in care in these three states compared to children in care throughout the rest of Australia.

NSW 70% increase in children in care

QLD 60% increase in children in care

SA 58% increase in children in care

Victoria with only a couple of Life Without Barriers offices has managed to reduce the number of children in care.

Below is the secret transcripts suspiciously unavailable on the SA government website (why is the South Australian government hiding this information, are they covering up for Life Without Barriers?)and removed elsewhere on the net, obtained by Luke's Army. This is blatant evidence of illegal activity which started at the inception of Ray Dunne's career as CEO of Life Without Barriers.

South Australia question time parliament house foster care


The Hon. Sandra Kanck: I seek leave to make an explanation before asking for Minister for Transport and Urban Planning, representing the Minister for Human Services, a question about foster care services.

Leave granted.

The Hon. Sandra Kanck: For some time I have been expressing concern about the alternative care system that we have in South Australia. We are facing a serious shortage of foster carers at a time when there is an increase in children entering foster care with more complex needs than ever before. One of the few positive steps forward the government took was to support a longitudinal study undertaken by Flinders University. The research that tracked children entering foster care in this state was unprecedented in Australia.

According to a letter I received from the Child and Welfare Association,the Department of Human Services has withdrawn funding support for the study. I have been informed that this was under the direction of Ms Roxanne Ramsey, Executive Director of the Country and Disability Division. Sector workers now inform me that the Department of Human Services is actively obstructing the study. Researchers are prevented from speaking to the children who were part of the study, FAYS workers have been prevented from speaking to the researchers, and carers are not allowed to talk about the wellbeing of the children with researchers.

It has also emerged that the government commissioned consultants from New South Wales to undertake a review into alternative care in South Australia. These consultants failed to contact Flinders University regarding its research findings despite the fact that it was the longest tracking study of children in alternative care in Australia, and the second longest in the world.

Further, I am informed that a private company called Life Without Barriers from New South Wales has been advertising for foster carers since August 2001 in South Australia. This advertising began just one month after the contract for foster care had been extended by twelve months to current service providers. Yet foster carers are being approached by Life Without Barriers and asked to defect from the existing provider for more money.

A Sydney Morning Herald article in June this year revealed that life without barriers received favored treatment (from Faye Lo Po minister of DoCS NSW 2001) in a tender process with the NSW government, and that a government department is now being investigated by the NSW independant commission against corruption (NSW ICAC).

In September, the minister for human services wrote to service providers saying, "Between now and 3 October 2001, 30 sevice providers, including Life Without Barriers, will be invited to prequalify for registration to join a provider panel to tender for provision of individual care packages for these young people.'

Sector workers inform me that life without barriers principal, Ray Dunne, flew in from NSW to discuss the provision of individual care packages for young people as early as July. I have been informed that Ms Roxanne Ramsey and Mr Ray Dunne  are former work colleagues and that Ms Ramsey is keen to move services from existing providers to Life Without Barriers.

My questions to the minister are.....

1. Why was funding to the Flinders University terminated?

2. Why is the department of human services actively obstructing the research of Flinders University, which could assist in improving the lives of children in foster care?

3. Why do the consultants reviewing alternative care in South Australia not make contact with the researchers at Flinders University?

4. Why is Life Without Barriers advertising for foster carers when the contract has already been awarded to existing service providers?

5. Has the government provided any contracts to Life Without Barriers in either alternative care or disability services? If so, what tender process was entered into and what probity checks were undertaken?

6. Does the minister think it appropriate for the government to engage Life Without Barriers when a tender it was involved in in NSW is being investigated for corruption?

7. Has Life Without Barriers been provided with any information about foster carers in South Australia? If so, what level of detail, and how many names?

8. If information has been provided by DHS have any aspects of privacy laws been broken?

9. If the information was not provided by DHS, will the minister institute a police investigation to ascertain how Life Without Barriers obtained the information?

10. What is the connection betwain Ms Roxanne Ramsey and Life Without Barriers?

11. What is the connection between Ms Ramsey and Mr Ray Dunne.

The following is the Syney Morning Herald article relting to this....


Lo Po' faces accusations over tenders


The Community Services Minister, Mrs Lo Po', has been accused of interfering with the awarding of a contract for disability services, a matter being reviewed by the Ombudsman.

The allegations, made during a parliamentary inquiry, follow the making of similar allegations against bureaucrats and one of Mrs Lo Po's senior advisers to the Independent Commission Against Corruption last month.

Documents show the minister overruled recommendations by the Disability Department by awarding two contracts to organisations that had scored fewer points in the assessment process than the recommended tenderer.

One tender for services to support the disabled on the Central Coast, worth $824,000, was awarded to Life Without Barriers, which had received 810 points, compared with 985 points received by the tenderer recommended by the department.

Another tender, for more than $1 million, for services in the Hunter, was awarded to Life Activities Inc, which scored less than the preferred tenderer.

Documents tabled to a Budget estimates committee show the minister supported a recommendation from policy adviser Mr Warrick Neilley to award the contracts to these organisations. The assessment panel had recommended the contracts go to the tenderer scoring the most points.

In response to Opposition questions, Mrs Lo Po' said one of the tenderers had been ``unhappy" with the outcome and had complained to the Ombudsman. She would not comment further.

In an earlier answer to Democrat MP Dr Arthur Chesterfield-Evans, she said: ``From time to time there is an alteration [of a recommendation to award a tender]. From time to time there is new information that comes to our notice."

The Opposition community services spokesman, Mr Brad Hazzard, said Mrs Lo Po' had ``twisted and turned" when asked whether she had interfered in the funding process.

Under construction.



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Kids lose out as foster carers cash in

THE business of providing shelter to children who cannot live with their parents has become an industry worth more than $1 billion a year, with the profits shared by carers who admit to taking children into their homes for the money.

Some of these carers have four or more children living in dirty, over-crowded conditions and take extra children on weekends.

The over-crowding means it is no longer uncommon to find foster children who have lived in close quarters with 40 or more other children of different ages, temperaments and mental disorders, on a rotating calendar.

As many as one in four of these foster children is being medicated with anti-depressants and other drugs to help them cope.

The Australian has spent the past month visiting some of the worst foster homes, after being told by a welfare whistleblower that some were so appalling "you wouldn't leave your dog there".

Neighbours said they had seen foster children left alone and unattended through the night; one couple in Queensland said they heard a foster mum throw a child out the window.

The Australian visited one carer in a unit at Macquarie Fields, in Sydney's outer southwest, where the stench from nine cats was overwhelming.

A woman - she cannot be named because it would identify the three children who were recently in her care - said she joined the Kari foster care agency catering for Aboriginal placements last year after seeing a flyer on the wall of Centrelink.

After completing a six-week training program, she took three children into her unit, for which she received $1200 a fortnight, on top of her pension.

One bedroom of her unit was so crammed with rubbish that it was not possible to open the door, and the children had to shower outdoors, under a specially rigged faucet, because the one in the house did not work.

The woman admitted to hitting one of the children in her care; she punched the wall too.

Kari, an agency that received $1.3 million a year from the NSW Department of Community Services to provide foster care, removed the children from the woman's home after complaints.

At Padstow in southwest Sydney, The Australian visited a rubbish-strewn house with the remains of meals, including a large chunk of half-eaten meat, resting on furniture. The foster carer - a woman aged 25 - said she had taken 50 children over the years, including "respite" children on the weekends.

She was recruited to the industry by a private company called Life Without Barriers, established by lawyers and businessmen from the Hunter Valley in the 1990s.

Life Without Barriers last year received $62 million in funding from the NSW Government.

The carer confessed to having a house that was a "bit of a mess" but did not mention that she had been the subject of complaints about her care. A two-year-old girl who lived in the house was said to be constantly cold, and was under-developed.

Three days after The Australian visited, DOCS swooped on the house and removed the girl.

In the semi-rural hamlet of Luddenham, on Sydney's western outskirts, another Life Without Barriers carer was living in a house where all the windows were covered over. She was reluctant to let The Weekend Australian inside, saying: "You'll say I live in squalor."

Later, she did allow us into the house to use the toilet, closing doors along the hallway and kicking rubbish to the corners as we walked along.

"I know it's dirty. I've been sick," she said. "I haven't had time to clean up."

She had four children in her home and received about $2000 a fortnight to care for them but complained about the money.

"You might have four kids and then they come and take one back to his mother, and you're down to three," she said. "So you've got less money that week. Then it might be a few days before you get more kids, so you're down for the month."

The payments to foster carers are higher in NSW than anywhere else in Australia.

The rate for children 0-4 is $395 a fortnight and it rises as the child grows: a foster child aged 5-13 years attracts a subsidy of $443 a fortnight and a child 14-17 brings $595 a fortnight.

Children who are particularly troubled or disabled attract rates of up to $1117 a fortnight.

Kari chief executive Paul Ralph said he was proud of the corporation he founded nine years ago. He said it would be a "cultural mistake" to compare "40, 50-year-old Aboriginal housing" with other Australian homes. "You might say, 'Oh, I wouldn't put a kid there,' but what we look at is: do they have a room for a child? Are they connected to the community? And we are selective. We turn people down."

Sue O'Connor, president of the Foster Care Support Network, said: "I'd be lying if I said some didn't do (foster care) for the money, but I think it's a minority." Asked if some foster parents simply weren't fit for the job, she said: "Sadly, that's true too."

The welfare whistleblower, still employed by DOCS and with 20 years' experience in child welfare, said DOCS workers like to joke that it's easy to find the foster house "because it's invariably the worst house in the street".

This year's annual report of the NSW Children's Guardian, an audit of foster homes in 2006 and 2007 "identified concerns about the quality of care provided to Aboriginal children in non-government agencies".

Life Without Barriers state manager Learne Durrington said foster care "is not easy to resource" and it was a "challenge to find people who have not just the willingness to care for these children but to ensure they have skills and personal integrity to maintain the care".

The company's website notes that "our organisation is a charitable organisation. It is a brave and caring organisation. Caring is what we do, and carers are the heart of our business."

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A MAN with a history of sexual abuse against young people was authorised as a foster carer of an abused teenage boy who was also a perpetrator of sexual assaults.

The foster care agency Life Without Barriers was aware of one of the allegations at the time it entrusted the teenager to his care last year. Two more allegations of sexual abuse emerged during an investigation this year.

The agency never completed an assessment of the man's suitability to be a foster carer as required. It also ignored information the man was still involved with his wife even though the couple were pretending to be separated and lived in two houses. His wife was a foster carer with the agency for four children.

Internal documents obtained by the Herald show the man had been co-parenting the four children since 2008 as well as the teenager in his house. All the children moved between the two houses. The youngest child, an infant, was later found to have what appeared to be genital warts around his anus, though the cause was not clear.

A spokeswoman for the agency said an investigation it conducted found its actions were in accordance with policy and the law. It had referred the case to the Ombudsman and ''would review its practice'' if the Ombudsman recommended changes.

Life Without Barriers is the biggest non-government provider of foster care in the country, responsible for more than 1000 children in NSW. A non-profit agency, its growth has been phenomenal in the past decade. It has state and federal contracts worth $200 million a year.

While it might be inevitable that some mistakes occur in a big organisation that places so many children with carers, concerns have been raised about the rigour of the agency's system for recruiting foster carers in NSW.

Worries expressed by former and present staff coincide with a campaign by a coalition of agencies to pressure the state government to shift foster care entirely on to the non-government sector in line with recommendations of the 2008 Wood inquiry into child protection. Community Services is responsible for 85 per cent of foster carers, and the non-government sector 15 per cent.

Life Without Barriers outsources recruitment to independent contractors who are paid to find and assess prospective carers. It pays contractors a weekly fee for each child placed with their carers.

The Supporters of Carers, as the contractors are known, or SOCs, do not need relevant welfare qualifications. The system presents a financial disincentive to report problems because a SOC's income is dependent on the number of children who are placed - and remain - with carers.

An internal investigation found monthly reports on the man and his wife were "cut-and-paste" copies that used "exact statements, quotes and evidence" about their competence taken from another report. The SOC who recruited the man runs 37 carers and earns $15,000 a fortnight, invoices reveal.

Other agencies, such as Barnardos, use qualified staff to recruit carers and final approval is given by an expert panel. At Life Without Barriers the operations and area managers, sometimes one of them, give final approval.

A spokeswoman said the recruitment process was ''very rigorous'', involving usually two SOCs who write reports, five interviews with the prospective carer, references, and a letter from the person's GP.

The couple's involvement with Life Without Barriers began when Alice* was approved in January 2008. An internal investigation later reported that despite having no experience, she was approved for three children of all ages.

She was assessed as a single mother despite two references stating she and her husband, Barry*, were a loving couple.

A girl in her early teens was placed in Alice's care and three weeks later she complained to a youth worker that Alice's husband had assaulted her by "touching her everywhere".

Life Without Barriers concluded the incident was not reportable to the Ombudsman as Barry was not an approved carer. "The source of the risk does not reside at [the girl's] placement and the level of contact would be minimal," an internal document says.

A few days later a boy was placed with Alice and then three more children, even though she was authorised to care for a maximum of three. The young girl was moved.

This year an investigation into Alice's care sustained a raft of allegations: her use of physical punishment, failure to provide adequate medical and dental care, failure to give the children enough food or buy them adequate clothing (despite being paid more than $2600 a fortnight as well as a carer's pension).

The children had regular, unsupervised and overnight contact with the teenager who lived with her husband.

Alice's husband had applied to be a foster carer in his own right in June last year.

The sexually abused teenage boy was placed with Barry before his recruitment was formally approved, a document shows.

An internal investigation this year, prompted by mounting allegations, found no record that the "serious allegations" made by the young girl had been taken into account before Barry's appointment.

The investigator discovered two separate allegations against the man of sexual harm had been made to the Community Services helpline in April this year, and in 2005, which Life Without Barriers would not have known about.

In both cases, teenage girls allege the man had kissed them and touched them. Police spoke to him about one of the girl's allegations. He was ''regretful'' but did not admit guilt.

Life Without Barriers suspended the carers in July, 2½ years after children were first placed with them, and initiated de-registration.

A spokeswoman said: "Even with the most rigorous checking processes you don't get to live with people every day and so inevitably, occasionally, things go wrong. We rely on people to behave well and mostly they do.''

* Names have been changed

Adele Horin


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A TEENAGER was sexually abused after the Department of Community Services placed him with an offender without bothering to wait for a police check.

Mark Robinson has spoken out to reveal the sexual abuse he suffered at the hands of Patrick James Anderson, 45, who was his carer for a month before the check came back and revealed his dark past.

Anderson was convicted in Port Macquarie Local Court in March of aggravated indecency with a victim under his authority and committing an act of indecency with a person 16 or over, charges relating to Mr Robinson. DOCS was told of the problem in June 2007 but police were only alerted the following year.

In May 2007, DOCS contracted a private company, Life Without Barriers, to care for him in a house at Port Macquarie.

Now 18, Mr Robinson yesterday said DOCS had been totally negligent, with Anderson's abuse robbing him of trust in men and capping off a horror upbringing.


He was taken into DOCS' care when he was four following the death of his mother. His father is incapacitated in a nursing home.

Are you a DOCS worker? What's wrong with the system? Tell us in confidence. or call (02) 9288 3413.

Following the sexual abuse in care, which included being pinched on the bottom and his carer exposing his genitals to him, Mr Robinson said he became homeless and has lost all dreams for his future.

"I don't like other men any more, that is for sure. Then I was homeless and living on the street for a year. When I moved into (the house with Anderson) I didn't have a drug and alcohol problem and now I do," Mr Robinson said yesterday.

After leaving Anderson's house, he lived in his car and mowed lawns before a Port Macquarie woman offered him a room.

Life Without Barriers admitted yesterday they had a staff shortage and put Anderson to work before his police check returned a red flag four weeks into his employment.

Police only found out about the sexual abuse in 2008.

A Life Without Barriers spokeswoman declined to reveal the contents of Anderson's police check, citing privacy laws.

DOCS was yesterday attempting to distance itself from Mr Robinson's case but Life Without Barriers confirmed it had been contracted by the department to provide the boy's care.

A DOCS spokeswoman explained the stunning lapse by blaming Life Without Barriers, saying it was up to private companies to seek police checks on their workers.

DOCS later conceded it should have done more to help. "At the time the report was made, DOCS focused on supporting the young person," the spokeswoman said.

"This should have included assisting him to make a report to the police. Regrettably this did not happen until some time later."

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THE head of Australia's biggest foster care agency has announced his intention to leave the organisation as the NSW Ombudsman's office broadens its inquiry into allegations of poor practices, including the agency's failure to properly check the background of carers.

Ray Dunn, who built Life Without Barriers from a small disabilities agency in Newcastle to a national provider of social services, has informed staff he will step down in September as its chief executive officer.

The non-profit agency cares for 1000 foster children in NSW, and receives more than $140 million in state contracts.

The Herald revealed in December examples of poor foster care recruitment and monitoring practices that resulted in children being placed in unsafe situations.

In one case a child was placed with a carer who had a history of sexual assault on young people, and in another case a foster child was living with a man whose own four children had been removed from his care by Community Services NSW.

A spokeswoman said Mr Dunn's announced departure had nothing to do with the Ombudsman's inquiries.

Mr Dunn was leaving to ''pursue other interests'', she said.

Life Without Barriers has begun to change some of its controversial recruitment practices, and is to set up panels with independent members to assess carers.

The NSW Ombudsman said in December it would investigate whether Life Without Barriers had undertaken probity checks on carers before placing children with them. Now it has instituted a broader inquiry into systemic issues, including a financial audit.

The Deputy Ombudsman, Steve Kinmond, said Life Without Barriers had co-operated with the review.

Critics said that outsourcing recruitment to contractors had helped Life Without Barriers achieve phenomenal growth in the past decade. Contractors had no special qualifications and were paid a finder's fee and a weekly fee for each child placed with their recommended carers.

The system provided an incentive to contractors to support carers but also a disincentive to report problems. One contractor was paid $15,000 a fortnight by the agency for running a stable of 37 carers.

In an email to staff, the chairman of LWB, Terry Lawler, thanked Mr Dunn for his ''entrepreneurial vision and skills''. Mr Dunn would stay with the agency to provide ''transitional support'' until March 2012. His deputy, Claire Robbs, will take over as chief executive in September.

Adele Horin


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COMPULSIVE care-giving is a little-known syndrome that is rarely diagnosed in foster parents, according to psychologists.

The Australian yesterday reported the case of a woman whose three foster children were removed from her care after a psychologist, Toni Single, decided the woman showed signs of being a "compulsive carer".

Ms Single has defined "compulsive carers" as those who are "greedy" for disabled children; who enjoy taking care of these children because it makes them feel better about themselves.

But disability activists said the "syndrome" sounded bogus.

"Mother Teresa must be a compulsive carer," said Mary Lou Carter, of the Carers Alliance. "You could say it about anybody who puts the needs of others ahead of themselves."

The three children, two of whom had been in the care of the foster mother for up to six years, are now living in a "facility" for the severely disabled. The foster mother, who cannot be named, is fighting to have them returned. There will be a hearing on the matter on January 28.

NSW Community Services Minister Linda Burney is aware of the case. In a statement yesterday, she said "there is considerable literature on compulsive care-giving which dates back to 1970".

"The literature suggests that compulsive care-giving can result in a negative experience for both the child and the carer.

"There is also recognition that this can be a particular issue when placing children with a disability in care.

"However, I must say that the vast majority of carers that I have met are completely committed to the role for the right reasons."

Freda Briggs, from the University of South Australia, said she had "never heard" of this syndrome in foster parents.

"To me, it sounds like the woman was advocating on behalf of the children and they decided she was a nuisance," Professor Briggs said.

"That happens quite often to foster carers: if you are middle class, if you are intelligent, if you speak up for yourself, they (welfare workers) want to put you in your place."

The president of the Foster Care Association, Denise Crisp, said she had spoken to the foster mother "and to me, she seems completely normal. She obviously gets a lot out of it (fostering) and she finds it rewarding, and it's not like anybody is saying she harmed the children."

The children were removed from the woman's care by the agency that employs her, Life Without Barriers. The company, which provides foster services to the NSW Government on a fee-for-service basis, did not return calls from The Australian.

Marie O'Neill, a psychologist in South Australia, said she had heard the term "compulsive carer" applied to a foster parent only once, many years ago.

"I can't see why it would be a problem," Dr O'Neill said. "If the children are getting proper care, if somebody is looking after them and deriving a great deal of satisfaction from the work, what does it matter?"

  • From: The Australian
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THE state's foster care system will be historically transformed with the announcement yesterday that 38 non-government agencies will take over the role of the Department of Community Services.

Up to 6800 children and young people in foster care with the department will be transferred to the non-government agencies over the next four years.

At the end of the process, only 1000 children, mainly indigenous, are expected to remain in the department's care until more Aboriginal fostering agencies are developed.

In most cases, willing departmental foster carers will be transferred with the children but agencies will do new suitability checks.

The agencies were successful in a $123 million tender to take over responsibility for recruiting and supporting foster carers and monitoring the welfare of children.

''This is the biggest reform in child protection in the history of NSW,'' the Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward, said.

She said agency staff would visit the children and foster carers more frequently than the department had.

Twenty of the agencies have experience in running foster care programs in NSW under a system in which the non-government sector has played a minor but important role. But 18 are new, four from interstate and one part of a multinational company.

The reform follows the recommendations of Justice James Wood, who held an inquiry into the state's child protection system in 2007-08. He found the non-government sector's foster care programs superior to the department's.

However, whether the money allocated after take-it-or-leave-it negotiations with the sector is sufficient to maintain its higher standards is a concern to some agencies.

The opposition spokeswoman for family and community services, Barbara Perry, said: ''Pru Goward is starving the system and attempting to transfer vulnerable children on the cheap. She has enforced a $37,000 unit price per child - and it won't be enough for many agencies.''

The chief executive officer of the Association of Children's Welfare Agencies, Andrew McCallum, said the success of the new arrangement would depend on a reduction in the number of children entering care, which would enable the money to go further.

Among the bigger contract winners, though the amounts over the four years are indicative, were Wesley Mission ($15 million), Challenge Disability Services ($11.5 million), KARI Aboriginal Resources ($9.5 million), and Barnardos Australia ($7 million).

New entrants include experienced Victorian provider MacKillop Family Services and Key Assets, part of the worldwide Core Assets group and established in South Australia, Western Australia and Queensland.

Foster care agencies have to pass or work towards passing accreditation standards. The Children's Guardian, Kerryn Boland, who oversees accreditation, said nine of the 18 new agencies were not yet accredited.

A DOCS carer who has transferred to the Benevolent Society said the main change was carers were expected to drive foster children to contact visits with their biological parent, a job previously done by DOCS. But this was in the interests of the children who wanted the carer involvement.

Adele Horin

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If i recieved $37,000.00 when I was having troubles with my ex partner and going through family court as a single parent of 4 kids leaving an abusive situation and where I was told by the AUSTRALIAN FEDERAL POLICE and ALBANY LEGAL AID that to take my baby with me would be kidnapping and I would be arrested and the child given back to her dad, then I would have been able to set myself up somewhere else than where I did. I would have had other options, like legal representation that was not given in WA or by the WA POLICE IN KATANNING (Pedo Capital of WA - research the Katanning boarding school). If I was given support or advice then I might not have had to leave the child and go to family courts back in NSW to ever see her again, I might not have had the problems with her dads anger at family courts and the further harrassment from him because a magestrate was disgusted at what he wrote in the affidafivits and sent my baby back to me realising the sickness written within.

But oh well here is what was on offer:

Centerlink offered women in DV who were being assaulted and abused $100, i was actually offered it. I just laughed. My 3 elder kids had been sent back to NSW already, I had a house full of furniture to move, so they had their beds and clothes, I was being told I had to leave but could not take my 3 year old who I had breast feed for 2 years. I was a state government employee, not a drug addict or alcoholic, I had studied hard to get where I was and I liked my job. But he sent my kids away to my mum. These kids wanted nothing more than his love but instead all they got what hate, they were fine children, they were not defient, they were like plasticine in his hands, fragile. What makes someone care and then move your whole life just to begin to hate you even though you have given the person a child which is what they said they wanted from life? I do not know. I worked hard at everything....

It wasnt so good where we went to live from there, in fact it was toxic to myself and my kids, toxic environment, toxic people, toxic family. But I had no where else to go and mum said I would be safe there. Fact is I wasnt, because it is a bad place. For $37, 000.00 I could have gone somewhere else, I could have done something else. DoCS after nearly 2 years back with my baby after an absence of those hard family courts 5 months, came, they took my baby and stuck her in foster care not just one place but two in two. They stuck her in Bray Street Coffs Hbr a place full of rough and rugged housing commission, drugs and a known troubled hotspot. Her dad went psycho at me for it, but DoCS did it, he helped them and so did my evil criminal family who want to protect themselves from a life of crime, but its all okay because the NSW police protected them all. And it was easy to take someone who has been so abused and chuck them in a mental health ward and say she's nuts. This enables them to wipe the flies of their backs and the shit of their shoes. To say someone blames everyone else for their actions when all I did was try to live freely (and even go for my evening walk in peace) after living a life of controlled existance where my kids and I did not know any longer how to even think very well for ourselves, getting to know what it meant to be free was difficult. Made even more difficult by a pack of morons living in Bellingen and Coffs Harbour called the police and NSW mental health system who they feed me too but by those very professionals paid to help kids and families. DoCS, who everyone is scared of but who I trusted to help us out. Now everything is coming out but no one cares they have all moved on to the next victims.

My daughter is sufferring now I am not asking NEVER ASKED FOR HER TO BE REMOVED FROM HER DAD but the very gift the magestrate gave me to see her again and have her be a part of her wider family was taken by DoCS. My ex brothers and their filthy partners and ex partners are criminals, evil horrible heartless underbellies, living in mansions but taking a sisters kids and throwing her into the street all the time saying shes a nutjob and spreading that message, NICE PEOPLE, VERY ANTI DISCRIMATORY, VERY TOGETHER TO TREAT THE VULNERABLE THAT WAY, SO VERY HIPPY AND MULTICULTY, SO GLOBAL CARNIVAL, SO I DONT KNOW DISGUSTING AND HORRIBLE. You can go score some pot from them now, or at any other house on the multiple occupancies in those areas surrounding Coffs Harbour, doesnt matter "go green".... or you might like some other drug as they have all been into it for a lifetime, they can fixu up.

So lets talk about CARTY AND COX they kept me out of jail for the above wonderful community members because i am of course nuts, they did not care about the events at all or my side of the story (as usual -but that is justice in the Coffs/Clarence). Well they are barristers "gone green" they like to help out people who get busted for dope in the area and they had a conflict of interests because they supported DoCS and my ex to take my baby away, perhaps someone will take a very good look at CARTY AND COX because i know about parties going back many years that they had and i have it from significant sources that they were pretty good parties.... why because they were "green (and white)"

So I guess they can shove their $37,000.00 up their bums, they are handing over the care of ur kids to more strangers, I bet the money would have helped pay rent, or buy a car, or get the kids some new clothes, books, my child was shuttled around coffs harbour in this way by DoCS with a new stranger every day, who would question me like the guestapo, I did not understand what they were doing to me, i was in trauma i wanted to take my child home, and i should have done that but i was far too scared of DoCS and everyone else by then i forgot my child and i had rights agains these bullies. They questioned me and then they wrote the reports that were used in court as affidavits that denigrated me, there was no realisation of the emotional impact of what they were doing to us, nothing, no chance for me to mention the disgusting behaviour of the BANANACOAST COMMUNITY CARERS.

This is a bad idea, justice Woods must be as stupid as DoCS, shuttling the fragile kids to more strangers, creating further trauma, these people have black hearts and cold personalities and seem to be capable of absolutely anything. I do not think that anyones kids are safe in DoCS care nor do I think any of this is in A CHILDS BEST INTEREST. not to mention what it does to a parent because when you read these stories that is blatently obvious.

"i didnt mean to cut you out but now your just somebody that i used to know!"

so sad....

ask me where i been...

"well there's a place called heaven and a place called hell and mummys on her way to all of em....."



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Thanks for being here Mumwhereyabeen

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Michael you should also do a story on St Marys docs they are the ones who took my kids back in Nov 2006 and they hate me for no reason at all. Plus also a story on life without barriers Rockdale office they are the ones who my 4 boys are under for the day to day care.
Monica Pickering
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Life Without Barriers were the most rudest, arrogant, condescending and absolute liars that I had the misfortune of having to deal with. How the workers I came across, even qualified to work with children, is beyond belief.
Carolyn Brown