negligence mistreatment

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Manager Department Human Services Amanda Ramsay

I was on the run from Bowral docs manager mandy ramsey

I am a woman who became a fugitive, on the run three months with my baby, hunted by mandy ramsey manager of docs NSW Bowral office.

I was going in for an abortion because of what docs did to my second child when they took her from hospital, I was devastated. I have children and could never have an abortion, I love all of my chldren, it would be like killing one of told my doctor who was worried about me and my unborn child, with the stress they were putting me through.

So he rang Amanda Ramsay manager of Bowral dics and Mandy

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Lukes first drawing

This was Luke's first drawing, he brought it around and showed everyone, then a month later he brought the piece of paper to me again, I thought it was rubbish but he knew what it was.
I was so impressed I framed it and hung it on the wall in his bedroom.

Lukes first drawing


I found your drawing

I found this the other day Luke, there is a shipping container full of all our stuff. Your drum kit is there bubba, I am pulling it out and will teach a little boy drums, but I will never give it away.

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Lukes Best Times


Lukes best times, that I witnessed and was a part of, was being with his Dad. Of course Lukey loved his mother, but my favourite time with Luke was when we hugged. I would just hold his little body against mine, and we would rest our heads on each others shoulders, and just stay like that for minutes, until the little boy would transform into a bundle of energy and I would have to let him go, feet running as he hit the floor.

Never would he wander too far from my sight though, for sadly Luke had been removed from my care, physically, so many times

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Interview with C..... M...... by Luke's Dad

1:Did you stay long at Michael and Jacky's house?

A couple of nights with my daughter.

2:How well was Luke looked after?

He was healthy, he was a happy child. He had everything, thats what I saw.

3:What's the best thing you remember about Luke.

His long fingers, his smile, His whole existance. He was an old soul, like he was here before. Like a wize old man, you can see it in their eyes but you dont get much out of them. And the green frog, that was the toy he liked the best.

4:Did Luke have many toys?

You had just moved in and were cleaning the

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Newman's family pitch at LNP launch

A Liberal National Party government would launch a new inquiry into Queensland's child protection system and introduce a "two strikes" policy for repeat sex offenders, leader Campbell Newman has told party faithful.

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