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Interview with Karyn ****** by Michael Borusiewicz

Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Interview with Karyn by Michael Borusiewicz regarding Luke Borusiewicz who died in foster care

The following is an interview Karyn ******* conducted on 23.5.09 by Michael Borusiewicz.

Michael: How well did you know Luke Karyn?
Karyn: Reasonably well. I first saw him when he was a couple of weeks old. I went to your house in Hoare St. after the baby had been brought home from hospital. I had known Michael and Jacky for some time before this.

Michael: What did you think of Luke's Dad as a father?
Karyn: Perfectly competent. You were a father, you just get along with it. I heard that after the fire at Hoare St.

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An interview with W.. C.... by Luke's Dad

An interview with T** C******* by Luke's Dad.

1:How long have you known Luke's Dad?

Fourteen or fifteen years. I first met you through a mutual friend.]

2:How well did you know Luke?

While I was staying there (at Luke's House), I got to know him. The first time I met Luke he was just teething. Michael wanted to call an ambulance.

3:How well did Michael look after Lukey?

Luke was more valuable than air itself. Yeh you looked after Luke well. The floors were extra cleaned. Steamed and everything.

4:What about the fridge?

There was always food for

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Department of child safety answers to no one

While my 2 year old son was left lying with a fractured skull, bleeding on the brain, a blood clot, and his brain being starved of oxygen, I rang the head of child safety in Cairns.
They had removed him from my care and shifted him from foster home to foster home until he was returned to the 74 year old who already had 3 older children in her care. I begged them to give him back.
This was the third time in a week that I had rung Pat Anderson, the head of child safety in Cairns. Never once did she return my call.

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I taught my son music from the age of six months old.

I taught my son in the bath everyday from six months old. Splish splash Splish splash Splish splash Splish splash singing while I tapped the water with my hands, therefore it was singing and percussion. I did this as I was startled when he sang to Bob Marley, they weren't words but he was definitely in time and in tune.

I started him on piano everyday at seven months old...

I also taught him tamborine...

I started drawing

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Manager Department Human Services Amanda Ramsay

I was on the run from Bowral docs manager mandy ramsey

I am a woman who became a fugitive, on the run three months with my baby, hunted by mandy ramsey manager of docs NSW Bowral office.

I was going in for an abortion because of what docs did to my second child when they took her from hospital, I was devastated. I have children and could never have an abortion, I love all of my chldren, it would be like killing one of told my doctor who was worried about me and my unborn child, with the stress they were putting me through.

So he rang Amanda Ramsay manager of Bowral dics and Mandy

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DoCS by Forgotten Australian Diane Mancuso



‘These are my observations, thoughts & feelings’, writes Diane Mancuso. Many Forgotten Australians bear the burden of  memories associated with institutional ‘care’. In this series of poems entitled DOCS (Department of Children’s Services), Diane courageously demonstrates the intergenerational risk of  children being lost to out-of-home care. The cycle sadly continues.

DOCS-department –  ’we keep families together’
Deluded I thought that things had changed since I was a child

Hebrew – firm, strong long lived

First of November, a

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The whistleblower said
auth­orities’ worries of another Baby P had created a climate of fear

Sunday December 11,2011
By Ted Jeory

SOCIAL workers are regularly “sexing up” dossiers on problem parents to
remove children into care and even to farm them out for adoption, a
whistleblower reveals today.

The experienced social worker told a Sunday  Express investigation that
council managers are frequently putting pressure on  him and colleagues to
rewrite reports considered “too positive”.

They are  demanding “more dirt” on mothers and fathers to increase the
chances of  securing court orders

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New South Wales Community Services Minister Dead girl's family rated 'high risk'

The New South Wales Community Services Minister has confirmed the family of a two-year-old girl who died on the state's central coast last weekend was known to her department.

Tanilla Warrick-Deaves died at Wyong Hospital early on Saturday morning, after a relative found the girl with severe injuries at her Watanobbi home.

Earlier this week police said an autopsy had confirmed the girl did not die from natural causes, and appealed for information.

The girl was living with her mother, her mother's partner and siblings.

Community Services Minister Pru Goward says she is aware of a report


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