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Wyong docs create there own evidence in which they remove children

rebecca henderson of wyong comunity services  a 21 year old case worker with no children or childcare experiance has the authority to remove chidren. in great volume.

the documents to which they use to take the children. they refuse to allow clients to seek there own practioners for reports and mental health assesments.

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Luke's Army - A poem by Jessica Fawn "Wilde" Mattox Wilson


Luke's Army

August 11, 2013 at 9:02pm

One time I awoke from another Sleepless night,

After My Only reason to Breathe was stolen from me,

I began to beg and Plead for help with searing pain,

And a kind Dad said "Welcome to Luke’s Army".


A Mother introduced me to many, many others,

Trying to teach me, survival and persistence is the key,

And amidst this horrid Pain and Terrible Suffering,

I became a Soldier in Luke’s Army.


Once I began to progress through the haze,

Blurry vision, even though I could still just barely see,

I began to seek out Luke and his Families Story,

As I

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