Government Corruption

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The Mainstream Media

I find it very interesting to see the way our media outlets portray stories on child abuse.

Particularly the way that we tend to see stories from around the globe as well as our own Australia, about child abuse or deaths.

What interests me is that when DoCS or the various agencies around the country make a mistake with someones child/children we never seem to see the same type of hype.

It is as though the only stories the mainstream media will cover are the stories where the parents have committed some form of assault.

The effect of this is that the community sees DoCS as the protectors

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Mental Health Checks for 3 year olds

Hi Michael

Thought you may want to follow up on this one.

Apparantly there will be a new system for our children from the government "inspectors".

There will be mandatory mental health checks for three year olds by government officials.

This information appeared in a small article in Sydneys Sunday Herald, 10th June, 2012.

I guess make your own assumptions about the whys from this.


Australians all let us rejoice for we are young and free???????


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Corruption in other government departments

I am sent many emails with cries for help to expose government corruption inflicted upon individuals and family from people who are left with nowhere to turn. The media will not or may not or cannot report on it and the government is behind it. Here is where I will place such stories of government corruption.


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Passing the Buck Never Stops with DoCS


Goward must guarantee no child will be worse off
Posted: Tuesday, 13 March 2012 | By: Barbara Perry

Pru Goward must guarantee that no child in NSW will be worse off as a result of her mass-transfer of thousands of foster children to the non-government sector without adequate funding or accountability mechanisms.


"The transfer of vulnerable children to the non-government sector is a complex and sensitive operation and I have concerns about Pru Goward's ability to implement it," Shadow Minister for Family and Community Services Barbara Perry said.

"Minister Goward needs to guarantee

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