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First Contact with Child Safety

by Dana Glenn


Hi Guys,

I am wanting to talk about First Contact with Child Safety, I am going to show you what is exactly is and give relevant information on this particular topic. Keep in mind the information can vary from different states. I am going by QLD cause that's my state.


Part One:- 


So your at home minding your own business, playing with your kids etc or cleaning and within seconds your world turns upside down. There is a knock on your door, BANG!!!. There is child safety at your door. The reasons for this are because:-


1. A ‘notification’ (or report) has been made

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Information: QCAT Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Information: QCAT Queensland Civil and Administrative Tribunal

Help for our group members at Luke's Army

At this government office they say that they value your feedback.

What are our rights? How do they run an organisation where they cannot tell you what they are doing? Why are these people here? Why do they have all these controls over our lives? What are they being paid for when they cannot offer any answers and advise you to go consult a solicitor on their own area of expertise?

Who are QCAT helping? Not the people who are complaining about their children being taken by the child protection industry against their will.

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