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Ontario CAS Protest Group: Voices of Innocent Families in Ontario

"Ontario CAS Protest Group: Settings Voices of Innocent Families in Ontario"

This is a support group on facebook for people terrorised by CAS in Ontario. They are pro active and keen to hold rallies and other public protests. A handy group if you are in the horror world of CPS terrorism by CAS with no support and nowhere to turn.

These CPS related facebooks always offer good support which in many instances is all you can hope for. When these monsters show up at your door, to the unwary and innocent you are an easy target.

You usually find good links and videos for your area in these fb CPS

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Stop the children's aid society in (CAS) Canada Fight CAS Group

Q. I was just wondering if someone could help me with my question. I found out that the social worker involved in my sisters case is not a registered social worker. What does it mean if he's not registered?
A. not sure but i would check into it because if they are using regular people not good means they cant do job properly and have a way to get out of things.
A. They are illegally ''engaging the practice'' of social work. But their loop hole is they take their case to their supervisor, which their supervisor takes to whom is really the social worker.

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Voices of Innocent Families in Ontario " Canada "

We have been protesting since October 2009.

We have succeeded in making the whole of Canada and other nations aware of the detrimental effects of Children's Aid Society, Child Protective Services and many many more agencies who are ABDUCTING CHILDREN at a alarming rate from GOOD FAMILIES, GOOD PARENTS, AND GOOD GRANDPARENTS.

IN ONTARIO " there is currently no legislation to protect Innocent Families " within what the NDP government has identified as the MUSH SECTOR ..... Hospitals, Schools, Long Term Care Facilities, Children's Aid Society, Retirement Homes, Colleges, Universities, and Police

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