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Name and Shame DoCS Staff, Offices, Legal and Medical Practioners etc

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Wyong docs create there own evidence in which they remove children 6
Corrupt and Abusive Facs Staff in Dubbo 0 n/a
Department of Corruption/Department of InHumane Services and Just Ir Responsive Team NSW 33
Dr Kerry Sullivan at Gold Coast hospital 0 n/a
Qcat Magistrate John Smith and Magistrate Hornman Wren 2
Corrupt and underhanded Psychologist (Name unknown) 0 n/a
Social worker void of any compassion 0 n/a
Corrupt DHS Geelong Stole our Grandchldren 5
Rhiannon Dodt,Kimberely,sharnee salmi and The rest of staff at Toowoomba North CSS 0 n/a
Katie Smith Solicitor Umina 1
Dee Neveling FACS Clinical Psychologist, a toxic manipulator 0 n/a
none 1
Dr Chris Lennings 0 n/a
Dr Darryl Milovchevich (Clinical Psychologist) - CAMHS Western Australia Clinical Psychologist 0 n/a
Dr Brian Potter Dr Chris Rikard-Bell Child and Adult Psychiatrist NSW Human Services Alleged Hitmen 4
Dr Chris Rickard Bell pyscho how does he keep practising?? 3
Fritha Parks'' who works from Strathpine Qld = This ''Woman'' is a Professional Hit-Man Liar for Child Safety 1
Hitmen for the NSW Department of Community Services 8
Department of Communities QLD-Misappropriation of Funds 5
Foster Father Abused Me! 2
Canberra CPS has some dangerous people! 0 n/a
Cinzia Gagliardi ---Corrupt Clinical Forensic Psychologist 2
Paula Giles DoCS Worker known By DoCS Staff as "THE GRIM REAPER" 1
Gina Connor-CPS Mendocino County California USA 2