Rules for child safety dep.

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Where can I find their rules/regulations they have to go by in QLD?

Sad to say that my other entry did not get ny replies.


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unfortunately Doc's have no rules and regulations...they go by their own thoughts at the time, no rights for kids , as  foster carer's  we are fighting our own battle for Human Rights for these kids as we are also fighting for our foster children's rights . We were Doc's kids too once and live every breath for these kids and their rights. We don't know where to go, who to turn too in ferar we will lose our fostering lisence , we get threatened by Doc's if we go to the media, we get told we have breached "their" so called Child Protection At...They have breached ALL Acts in Carmody Enquiry , they do each and every day with kids ..and some how we have to stop this ...our little foster child is in residential care being bashed by other kids ...having broken bones from other kids in the house ..they should never have allowed these houses ..instead they should be spending their "MILLION" on helping all these kids and their families ....we have suggested Do's start up a system to help parents STAY with their children teaching , helping etc ...yes our kids we have at the moment have also been abused by FOSTER CARERS and it makes us sick as  these so called carers have not been charged ..They should be rotting in Jail ...Where is the JUSTICE ... where and who can help us "GOOD" Carers that do genuinly care for the health and safety of kids and want to see Doc's have the guges shackup that they need now ...IT HAS TO STOP before another child suffers under their evil hands..... xxxxx

The covenant for civil and political rights which Australia ratified states in article 23 that families are to be protected by the state. If you feel this isn't happening,get a solicitor. Legal aid will provide a grant for a private solicitor. Protect your civil rights!

+Thank you for your advice and we will take it ....we do NOT wish to see another statistic with a child ...Doc's have to stop making wrong decisions....children are not number s or pieces of paper they are human beings that have rights as everyone has ....thanks regards

Sorry it has taken so long, the site has been down for a year while I took a break. I hope this might be what your looking for. Please bare with the site as we are still working on it getting up and running properly.