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Pat Anderson and Mary JO Gall of Cairns North DoCS - No repercussions for their actions

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on Wed, 02/06/2013 - 10:27
Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Pat Anderson and Mary JO Gall of Cairns North DoCS - No repercussions for their actions

I am writing this to let people know what type of conduct Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall of Cairns North Office get away with without any repercussions for their actions.

Note: I have said many times before how Pat Anderson & Mary Jo Gall are responsible for the continueing failure and corruption of child protection in North Queensland. DoCS Cairns North care nothing for the rights or feelings of parents, children or foster carers. Good to hear it coming from someone else's mouth.

We had care of our grandchildren who were extremely traumatized by the upbringing they have received from parent and others.( we tried everything to help the children going to various department begging for help we were ignored and classed as inferring grandparents even though records show the abuse the children endured)
We had to go to the Local Member of Parliament to even get kinship papers it was a long and stressful process.

Even though the children were telling child safety they wanted to be with us all their pleas went unnoticed. The way it was told to them was unprofessional and cruel. After a length of time and many attempts to have kinship forms filled out and processed as the children were all split up and did not have much contact with each other and the youngest being 3 years old. Not having his older brothers with him only seeing them occasionally was very upsetting for him. Plus we were not allowed to have any contact with the children even though they requested it.
Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall were sent many requests to them while the children were in our care.

Requesting the older children seek professional help as they have been extremely traumatized and had suicidal intentions. Even before they went into care one of children tried to slit his throat rather than live with his mum, Child safety visited him in hospital he was crying out for us and SENT HOME WITH MUM. After he was removed from our care by his mother as we had no legal rights to help him a few years back within 48 hours he had tried to take his own life only being very young. The other one tried to jump in front of a bus rather than go home and then made attempts by slicing himself and climbing on high rails at school in front of little children yelling out he was going to jump he wanted to die.

YES IT IS ALL ON THE RECORDS. (Well was until the child protection inquiry started)
Yes you guessed it! Pat Anderson and her staff did nothing?  NO Assistance for these poor children.
I requested information in regards to us. It clearly shows from the day we received each child that many request were made to this office for assistance for the children and us. Regional Director and Client Liaison officer BOTH STATE distance was an issue.  REALLY! WHAT AN EXCUSE! Not stating the obvious that Pat Anderson, Mary Jo Gall did not do their job. Deliberately. Not signing any request that came to them for assistance for the children or us .Simply put they did this because we had the ghoul to make a complaint against this office. In doing so the children suffered at the hands of this office because we made a complaint about Pat Anderson and her office the way they treated the children and us was clearly unacceptable. Parent has told the children that will kill us if they come to us. The poor children are fearful for their own lives as well as us.

Child safety after 9 years of extreme abuse from schools, neighbor’s and the attempt of a child rather take their own lives. (HISTORY, drugs and alcohol. Extreme physical abuse, been shot at, guns held to the children’s head, exposed to sexual predators this is only some of the things the children have endured and lots that is not recorded) they were forced finally to take action, resulting the children being removed from parent. Independent social assessment stated CHILDREN ARE NOT TO RETURN TO PARENT FEARING FOR THEIR LIVES. Parent wrote and told court did not want the older 2 boys don’t care what you do with them.  YET THEY RETURNED THE CHILDREN BACK INTO THIS ENVIROMENT (bloody hell)

Then the lack of and neglect from this office was just so UNBELIEVABLE. If this did not happen to us I would not truly understand how a government department can be like this and able to get away with such behavior I am just so gob smacked with it all.

Because we challenged this office Cairns North and had the evidence to prove the wrong doings of this office. No one wanted to listen or even look at the evidence from the complaints department through the regional all the way to the top General Director. Rather state to us closed our file no further action to be taken. That is there answer for not addressing the conduct of Pat Anderson and her staff.

When we exposed Pat Anderson and her staff to save face Pat Anderson withdrew all child protection concerns so we will not have a case to be heard. Tell misleading truths to various authority and later was discovered what Pat Anderson stated was false but oh too bad. Children are not in our care so nothing can be done.

We were contacted by a very concerned person that within 2 weeks the eldest child was returned to parent he was left abundant at a creek in extreme hot weather with no food or water clothes thrown at him and sniffing glue out of a plastic bag. We contacted the police as well as the concerned person had done. We contacted the Cairn North office the reply from them NO LONGER ON OUR BOOKS NO LONGER OUR CONERN. This is a child safety office stating this.(S**T)

We were contacted by the intake unit who told us if any one calls us in regards to the grandchildren it is none of our concerns. Tell them call the police.  These children are our grandchildren of cause we are concerned for their wellbeing.
In a very short time the eldest child was dumped by parent and was left to defend for himself well before he was 13. We were contacted by various person concerned for his safety. We informed the department of child safety.  Nothing was done.

I still have trouble understanding how these people are allowed to place children’s lives in danger to save their own skin and misconduct.
Regional Office claims that Pat Anderson is a very caring person and does her best for the children in her care
I have no idea where they get this from when Pat Anderson over the years has been to court SOOOO many times for her misconducts and her actions resulting harm to the children even it pains me to say it the loss of a young child’s life.

Yet the Child safety department rather covers up these actions of Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall and staff members. Make out that they are there to help parents and children.(bullshit) Pat Anderson was more concerned with how much funding she could get and not care once about the children in her care. We have suffered at the hands of her having the funding and not releasing any of it to help the children receive professional help.

All we hope for is the children live and hope one day we will see them again when they are older and understand more if they don’t take their own life due the horrifying abuse they have endured from parent.

We send our unconditional love to our three wonderful grandchildren yet again aren’t all children are wonderful and need unconditional love from parent, grandparents, and foster carers. Those who really care for the children.
                   Certainly not Cairns North with Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall leading it.

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I just can't believe that there are people abusing children they are just like abusing an angel.


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