Pat Anderson and her side kick Mary Jo Gall

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Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Pat Anderson and her side kick  Mary Jo Gall

 HI Michael .
 we have been trying for years to have our concerns heard by the complaints department and they still do not want to hear us at stating they have addressed the matter and refuse to listen to what Pat Anderson and her side kick  Mary Jo Gall gets away with it all. always stating lack of record keeping nothing on their system and when we provide a copy of their own records of the event . Instantly closed our file will not listen or address our concerns.
What hope has any of us have due to such flawed system of child safety. I thank you for all your time during this past time. We are getting so exhausted and frustrated with hitting a brick wall at every letter we write, we have been writing to every one to hear us with in the child safety department we either get told they don't handle it and we just go round and round in circles with the hope we give up. You guess it sent back to Josie Riley who claims she will not look at these concerns.
 this is what our reply from the Regional Director"   last week was 
 however no departmental officer will be dismissed or stood down from their positions as a response to your complaints.
Have attached a document to post on your web as we are sooo sick of this bullshit from them. I respect your courage with your endeavour but it just like nothing seems to change we tried brave hearts and provided all the information in regards to these monsters here in cairn north and they are unable to address or assist as it is a departmental matter.
But isn't brave heart set up to be an advocacy for children in this title cannot intervene what child safety conduct withdraw from it all even though they are gob smacked and appalled at what we provided them with but still take a back seat on it all and only advise is seek legal help. please tell me who has that amount of money to take on a government body?
thanking you for your time

Well it is official straight from the Regional directors Office in Cairns
Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall basically can get away with MURDER. The Regional Director has informed that she will not dismiss Pat Anderson or Mary Jo Gall just because people make complaints about them (massive amount of complaints have been made about this office)
Yes Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall are now called the untouchables as it does not matter what they do, they will always get away with it all. They do not have to follow child safety’s policies that are put in place they are soooo above it all.
Remember we are in the CAN DO STATE this applies to child safety here in Cairns and the Far north they can do whatever they like regardless if children lose their lives or are seriously harmed . THEY CAN DO IT>
Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall do not have to answer for their actions they are the untouchables they rely totally on Josie Riley and Arna Brosnan to clean up the mess they leave behind and always stating that lack of record keeping by the department so nothing can be done claiming that Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall are so caring about the children that they look after.  Have you heard such dribble in all your life these pair are the biggest offenders of child abuse to children and have the Regional Directors backing 100%.

Really does the Premier of the CAN DO STATE? Actually realize what is really happening up here.  We can only hope that the child protection inquiry will really expose these monsters that are here and the Premier has the power to take serious action against these perpetrators. If he is true to his word of taking action and it is just not words.
                                           Remember the saying action speaks louder than words!
Best of luck to all those poor victims of cairns north office if you think that Josie riley and Arna Brosnan are really here to help you think again. They are only here to protect and cover the conduct of Pat Anderson and Mary Jo Gall and delete any evidence on records to state they do not know even if you have the evidence and proof to prove otherwise they will ignore it all. CLOSING YOU FILE OF COMPLAINT>
Good luck to you all the untouchables will always get away with it all. You need to bring it to the Premiers Attention keep writing and phoning his office media do what you have to do to stop these MONSTERS.
Children are no longer scared of the boggy man it is PAT ANDERSON and Mary Jo Gall of Cairns North Child Safety office run get away parents with your children, run and hide before these real life monsters get their filthy hands on your little treasures.
What a system we are in. Really peeved with it all and the untouchables continue to get away with all after all these years.



If you're really serious about exposing docs Queensland
read the hard evidence of the investigation initiated by Mike Reynolds MP of 2005 then Speaker of the house. This report paid by the then government exposes the corruption and criminality of the Department of child services in Townsville, this was a six-month government paid investigation, one of the extremely rare times documented evidence exists.
Bob Copley