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The Mainstream Media

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on Mon, 03/12/2012 - 20:08

I find it very interesting to see the way our media outlets portray stories on child abuse.

Particularly the way that we tend to see stories from around the globe as well as our own Australia, about child abuse or deaths.

What interests me is that when DoCS or the various agencies around the country make a mistake with someones child/children we never seem to see the same type of hype.

It is as though the only stories the mainstream media will cover are the stories where the parents have committed some form of assault.

The effect of this is that the community sees DoCS as the protectors of children. The never get to see the damage that DoCS does.

Additionally we hear that 100,000 young people under the age of 24 sleep on the streets each night (I believe that was in NSW alone). So I ask where are DoCS and have DoCS been involved with these people? They are somebodys children.

It is interesting too, how quickly people jump to blaming parents for the dilemma of homeless youth but how did these children end up on the streets? Where did it start? And how"s our government education system going?

Again there are people making money from it all, and the agencies and the places who have "duty of care" just don't take the responsibility. Again it falls back on the parent, but when a parent approaches the school system, they are often sent away in the knowledge that the school system is not going to do anything to protect their child. So many parents have experienced this, I can't begin to state numbers, although many parents have lost their children to school bullies. Again, where are DoCS when the school is not a safe place for children? When school is a frightening place for a child to have to attend.

Back to the point - the media.

  1. Have the media been warned against investigating DoCS?
  2. Have the media been silenced because it is a family matter, as per the family court senario?
  3. Why doesn't the media take up our stories?
  4. Why does DoCS have this power over everyone?
  5. Why are they spreading news about parents who abuse but not news about when DoCS make a mistake?
  6. Why is the country kept ignorant of the abuse of power?
  7. Why is the country kept ignorant of the abuse of Australian peoples' human rights to know their own biological heritage?
  8. Why won't the media help any of us?
  9. How does the government get away with silencing the mainstream media?
  10. Where is the journalistic integrity within the mainstream media in 2012?

DoCS are failing our youth, they are failiing those who need them, and they are using the media for propaganda to instill fear in ordinary Australians to enhance their profile in the community. DoCS need to self assess their role within the community and begin to address issues like youth homelessness, abuse within the school system from peers/teachers.

As a country we need a more wholistic look at what affects families and to then immediately spend taxes on these issues. It is really simplistic, decent affordable housing, decent public schools where disipline and respect for all are evident, the availability of work for all who seek it, decent hospitals for those who are sick even in country areas. How hard is it? When things work, they work, the community knows it is working, there is less stress, people are happy, there is more respect for everybody.

Instead we have a human services agenda that encroaches on human rights and destroys realtionships.

In my own case, there was just no need, and a little girl lost her mother, how do you repair that senario after more than two plus years of estrangement? It is easy to say to someone you have rights go and use them, however time has passed, fear exists, the other parent holds intense hatred particularly because of family court and then DoCS involvement, and the child was moved interstate while I was left distraut, homeless and paying child support to a person who has no need of the money. Agencies after delivering such "services" turned around laughing and said pull yourself together, well two plus years later I am still not totally together, I was made very sick with this trauma that the "services" served up, as a person DoCS made sick with trauma they did not do a thing to help me as a mother continue to be a part in my daughters life. In fact, they caused illness and estranged me from the child returning her to a man who previously beat me to a pulp when the baby was still breastfeeding, and who regularly attacked three other children. My crime? Leaving for the safety of the other three children and at the expense of having to leave the baby (then 3) behind in another state because the federal police would consider my removing the baby from the home, a kidnapping and they would extradite the child back to WA. The rest of the crime going to the family court and the magestrate returning the child, then due to a break consent, another magestrate again returning the child. The reality I was not the one kidnapping a young child repeatedly and excluding the other parent, nor did I ever want to do this. Hence, months of my screaming at police, then the court case, changed the law about leaving that state due to DV. However NSW police do not seem to understand the trauma involved in people kidnapping children and a parent never seeing the child again, nor does DoCS.

The people involved have indeed washed their hands of the situation and moved on to the next "case". I myself, continue to find moving on a very difficult thing to do. I think of my daughter each day, I don't know how to fix the problems DoCS created to an already problematic situation, I don't know if my daughter would even want to see me or how poisened she has been by all involved. DoCS has forgotten about me, patted themselves on the back and gone on to ruin other peoples lives, I have no doubt.


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Most people have heard of the Seven Deadly Sins, Pride, Envy, Gluttony, Lust, Anger (Wrath), Greed, and sloth.A Greek theologian named Evagrius of Pontus was the first to draw up a list of eight offenses in the order of seriousness.They were gluttony, lust, avarice, sadness, anger, acedia (not to care), vainglory, and pride.This was later reduced to a list of seven by Pope Gregory the Great.Innovative leaders, such as Mahatma Ghandi even created their own list of what they perceived to be deadly sins.I am not as creative nor in Ghandi’s League nor do I pretend to be a follower of Evagrius.But I do propose that there is indeed an eighth deadly sin.

When an adult takes advantage of a weaker and physically defenseless individual for his or her self gratification not only is that a crime but it should be a sin in anyone’s religion.

What sin could be more deadly than to return a physically or emotionally battered child to its abuser to be further abused or, as is the case sometimes, murdered?  Or when our system removes a child illegally?  I call that the Eighth Deadly Sin. The Law calls it Re-unification and social services calls it Confidentiality.  Re-unification and the shield of confidentiality is the Eighth Deadly Sin.

There is a State law, actually it exists in all 50 states in America, that proclaims that reunification is not mandatory.Those State laws exist because there is a Federal Statute (Title 42 USC) that funds Social Services and mandates that each state that receives funds from Title 42 must have such a law.  Social Services can remove a child and shield all information under the guise of confidentiality while the child abuse allegation is being investigation.

Title 42 USC has other provisions even more insidious. Judges feel that Reunification IS what Title 42 is mandating. Title 42 USC, Section 5106(b)2(A) further provides that a child MAY NOT be reunified with a parent who has been found guilty of murder, manslaughter or felony assault that results in serious bodily injury to a child and that conviction of any of these felonies constitutes grounds for the termination of parental rights as to the surviving children “…although a case by case determination of whether or not to seek termination of parental rightsshall be within the discretion of the State”.The States delegate these rights to a Judge who in turn makes the ruling.  KEY WORDS:…case by case….This is interpreted as judicial discretion to re-unify based on the facts of that case. Unfortunately, it goes along with a belief that a family must be kept together for the sake of the children.  Or, if there is an unfounded case and the parents are without their child and cannot get any information.

Title 42, Chapter 5106a requires an assurance from states that there will be methods to preserve the confidentiality of all records to protect the rights of the child and of the child’s parents or guardian. This literally assures that testimony regarding the abuse and Abuser(s) shall also be confidential. Violation of this Section is a felony. There is also a provision that a Grand Jury may review such reports (Section 5106(a)(A)(v)(V)“…for the determination of an issue before the court or grand jury”.Ask one of our previous Ventura County Grand Jury if they were made aware of this Section.  We provided it because they had no clue.

This is flawed reasoning but it is this type of reasoning that permeates Title 42 USC and that leads to re-unification being seen as the legally correct thing to do or holding a child without any recourse for the parents.  It may not be what is in the best interest of the child, but it is the legally correct thing to do.To put this in perspective, ask yourself would you give an arsonist a match, a burglar the key to your house, a pedophile a child or an abused child to its abuser? Of course you would be legally correct in each instance, but is it a reasonable action? Is it the logical thing to do? Is it the moral or ethical thing to do?  If the case is unfounded, should these servants of society be held accountable and responsible?

You be the Judge. Is there an Eighth Deadly Sin?

Social Workers who work in Child Protection Services have seen what happens to many reunified children, but they are in a comfort zone believing that they are doing what the law requires and they have bought into the assumption that only the child’s parents should raise it on one hand, but hide behind "confidentiality" when they remove a child when abuse if being observed by the foster parent and ignore the pleas of parents when the child is in danger. 

Isn’t it time that we the voters demand a just, reasonable, logical, moral, and ethical law to protect a defenseless human being? I wonder which of our hundreds of Legislators and scores of Senators has the backbone to be the first to propose the re-vamping of this insidious law? Which one of you voters will be the first to contact our Federal Senators and Legislators?

To change Title 42 USC will be a daunting task. It is a voluminous Code that has been modified, added to, cited, cross-referenced, and reinforced by case law. It is a layman’s nightmare and a lawyer’s dream. That alone makes it easy to hide such sections as those cited above.

To further reinforce a law that protects children an Amendment must be added to our Federal Constitution that will guarantee a child the same rights as any other human being. Such an amendment will not sit too well with many parents who will claim that it will infringe upon their parental rights.To my knowledge so called parental rights have never been codified, the term was created through judicial statements and rulings, “law” created by judges and regarded as precedence by attorneys and judges. The term Parental Rights should be re-titled “Parental Responsibilities” thereby guaranteeing a child certain rights and expectations.

I have testified in Committee in Sacramento. I know the unpopularity of this cause. I have seen the disinterest by legislators to those before their Committees, I have suffered the futility of yelling into the wind. But when it comes to helpless children I will not give up.They are our legacy to the world, in most cases, the only legacy any of us will leave.


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I agree...there are indeed 8 deadly sins! Your contribution means alot to us here.

We wish you every success in your fight for your daughter...If we can be of assistance in anyway, please please contact us.

My heart bleeds for you....

All the best,