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In loving Memory of Alannah Kerr who Died in the Care of Victoria Department of Human Services

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on Sun, 02/12/2012 - 14:01

Alannah Kerr
27th September 1988 - 30th September 2003

Aged 15 years

Alannah Kerr died aged 15 years and 3 days. Alannah died whilst in the care of DHS Child Protection of a heroin overdose. Alannah had been administered Narcan by paramedics in the city, who then left her in the care of an 18yo heroin addict. Alannah rang her mother at 4am from the 18yo heroin addicts house and said that she was very sick, that she had taken heroin, that she didn't know where she was, that she loved her and was sorry. Alannah's mother pleaded with the 18yo heroin addict to give her the address so that she could call an ambulance to attend to Alannah. The 18yo heroin addict refused to give the address and also refused to call an ambulance herself for Alannah. Alannah's mother then rang Alannah's "High Risk" Adolescent Placement explaining to the staff what had happened. Alannah's mother assumed that the staff would follow Alannah's "Crisis Management Plan" to have her located. This would include arranging a "phone trace", and having an ambulance sent to that address. (As had happened on a previous occassion when Alannah was in a crisis situation) But staff did nothing! (Information from FOI documents later revealed that staff were notified the previous evening that Alannah was in the company of this 18yo suicidal heroin addict, that this girl was known to them and that there was concern with both girls being together.) But staff went back to bed and decided that they would deal with the matter during business hours. Alannah was found dead at 8:50am.


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