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Jenny Coe the reunification team leader at the department of child safety in Cairns You showed em who's boss

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 04:43

I was terrified of sending Luke back to that house, his face was scratched, he had suffered 3rd degree burns and he was always injured with that 74 year old foster carer, not to mention the three older abused children he was crammed in with. On top of that they were all home on school holidays.

Everything I said stright off, as a father, as a failure as a father as the department of child safety would describe me,

I was right about. I begged the visit supervisor, please give him back. He is fine with me. There are kids out there that need help, he is fine with me. I wanted to run with Luke, but I knew I would never see him again. At least he would still be alive.

Two days later severe scratches on his penis. He did the scratches on his face, he scratched his penis. This is what we were told.

The next day after the penis scratches I finally got a meeting with the "REUNIFICATION TEAM LEADER." Joe, you are a murderer and I hold you responsible for the death of Luke. This woman didn't even give me a chance to speak.I had waited three months for this meeting.

I have a diary. I rang the visit supervisor Liz and outlined what I wished to speak about in this meeting as I had waited three months for this meeting so I could get longer access visits with Luke, the first step in getting him back.

I had been travelling four hours from cooktown to Cairns to see Luke for two hours, then four hours back to Cooktown to where I was staying, with the manager of St Vincent De Pauls in Cooktown. This made no difference either.

This Jo, whose job it was to bring my family back together, to get Luke out of foster care, started the meeting by telling me I was a child abuser and that I should admit it. She handed me a list of rules...

for future visits. I got one question in. What about longer visits. A flat refusal by this poor excuse of a human being that should not be let anywhere near children.

I interjected "Some people get longer visits after three weeks, I have been on two hours a week for six months."
Her reply "that is other people, not you. I was raising my voice, the meeting was over.
At the top of my list was get him out of that house. I didn't even get to ask the first question.

That was on the Friday. On the monday I got a call telling me Luke was in intensive care. They had all been in first for a look. As if Luke wanted them around. I should have been rung the day before, as soon as he was admitted.

There is Jo the hateful entity that is unleashed upon societys most unfortunate, surrounded by police. Again with her "your raising your voice" crap when I told her that I knew he shouldn't be in that house. Your raising your voice. I said straight back at her "I get angry I raise my voice. You get angry and you take peoples kids off them."

I have to forgive her, or how can God forgive me...Lucky for her.

This is after I had an outside agency supervise one of my visits, and afterwards the visit supervisor went straight back to the department of child safety in Cairns, the den of banshees that terrorise families and rejoice in the kidnapping and murdering of children from troubled families. This lady from the outside child safety agency told them I was an outstanding father and to give the boy back immediately.

This was never an option. They had no intention of ever giving my son back. So much so that they organised with Luke's mum a new birth certificate, without my name as the father on it. This is despite a lengthy history of abuse and neglect by Luke's mother with the department of child safety.

Alright, I have vented, I want my little baby boy back.


The difference between Jo and I

I felt bad about putting this blog up, but that is the difference between Jo and I, I have a conscience. I can understand that you would have to be hard to be a docs worker, but that is not why she has no guilt.
I know in her mind the death of my son lies fully on me. That is the difference between me and Jo, I am prepared to accept some of the blame. In her mind, she is always right.
There are none so misled than those who think themselves finer than the rest.
Jo never saw how I was with my son once. All she did was look at me with hateful eyes.

The difference between jo and I !!

Why should you take any of the blame lukesdad?..thats not how it goes please dont blame yourself...your love for him shows bro and i can only imagine you loving him more while you were with him..and that should have been all JO had to see.. there, in my opinion, are no comparisons .....JO is no different than the majority of government workers they are all taught to distrust and dont show compassion...there for the department is responsible for her as well as your child,they are the gaurdians ... other workers, carers, foster parents are only the sh..t workers and they dont care much because they arent the childs parents ...all they have to do is sit and watch and take up space especially at 74 i mean come on how dare they even contemplate the thought of entrusting a little child to them.. ..IN SHORT..... DONT BLAME YOURSELF IN ANY WAY BECAUSE YOU ARE NOT IN ANYWAY TO BLAME.... Have a good weekend bro ..Teri

This Jo from Child Safety

This Jo from Child Safety, rest assured, has been in this position more than once. This has given her knowledge of the system and time to perfect it. Deny deny deny is the rule of thumb - from the very beginning. This is what you should be doing also, I was disappointed to read that you have offered to take some of the blame in your son's brutal death. Evidence will prove otherwise.

Is there any more information online about the Walk? Monday 18th Jan at Fishery Falls pub, but I can't find a time.