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An interview with W.. C.... by Luke's Dad

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on Fri, 03/09/2012 - 22:16

An interview with T** C******* by Luke's Dad.

1:How long have you known Luke's Dad?

Fourteen or fifteen years. I first met you through a mutual friend.]

2:How well did you know Luke?

While I was staying there (at Luke's House), I got to know him. The first time I met Luke he was just teething. Michael wanted to call an ambulance.

3:How well did Michael look after Lukey?

Luke was more valuable than air itself. Yeh you looked after Luke well. The floors were extra cleaned. Steamed and everything.

4:What about the fridge?

There was always food for Luke in the fridge. Excessive amounts.

5:How long did you live with Luke and his parents?

Two or three months.

6:Was Luke a happy child?

He was happy while he was with his Dad. He would cry when Michael left the room.

7:Whats the best memory you have of Luke?

The best moment I shared with him I remember he was playing music, playing piano with his Dad.

8:Any other good memories?

Quite a few. Watching him grow up. Seeing him running around enjoying himself.

9:Was Luke a well behaved child?

Yes. Always behaved himself. He always just followed Michael around and he was haplpy.

10:What was Luke's musical ability like?

He was holding a tune, change pitch with his voice to go with the music.

11:Was Michael a good music teacher for Luke?

Yes, he was persistent and made it enjoyment between father and son. Used to be everyday. He would play on several instruments.
Had his own drums and sang through the P.A. system. The music was a constant enjoyment for Luke and his Dad.

12: Do your think Luke was safe when he was alone in his fathers care?

Yes, fully, without a doubt. Totally.

13:What makes you say that?

Personal experience. I saw with my own eyes. Nothing meant more. Luke came first, always.

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