Interview with Karyn ****** by Michael Borusiewicz

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Fight Child Protection Department Corruption: 
Interview with Karyn by Michael Borusiewicz regarding Luke Borusiewicz who died in foster care

The following is an interview Karyn ******* conducted on 23.5.09 by Michael Borusiewicz.

Michael: How well did you know Luke Karyn?
Karyn: Reasonably well. I first saw him when he was a couple of weeks old. I went to your house in Hoare St. after the baby had been brought home from hospital. I had known Michael and Jacky for some time before this.

Michael: What did you think of Luke's Dad as a father?
Karyn: Perfectly competent. You were a father, you just get along with it. I heard that after the fire at Hoare St. there had been some trouble with Department of Child safety. When I visited Luke's home in Sturt St Luke's Dad told me that him and Luke's Mum had separated and she had left Luke with him.

Michael: How did Luke's Dad feel about this do you think? About Luke being in his care.
Karyn: He was delighted. He was very happy he had his son and he was happy. He was obviously devoted to Luke. He was undergoing treatment for his drug problem and the house was clean. Luke was happy and healthy.

Michael: How many kids have you raised Karyn? How old are they?
Karyn: I have 3 children. Lauren is 19, Jimmy is 16 and Eli is 8.

Michael: How did seeing Luke for only two hours a week effect Luke's Dad?
Karyn: Severely. It would effect anyone to have department of child safety decide they are an unfit father, and then only to see their only child for two hours a week. It changed his outlook on life. Luke was the focus of his dads life. Luke was his universe, reduced to two hours a week on a department of child safety supervised visit. It traumatised both parents and Luke. Especially frustrating as Luke's Dad was abiding by all of child safety's demands, and still he was getting nowhere.

Michael: When Luke's dad had Luke on his won, was Luke properly looked after? Did you ever see Luke abused or neglected by Luke's Dad?
Karyn: No.

Michael: Was the better parent in your opinion Luke's Mum or Luke's Dad?
Karyn: Luke's Dad, Luke's Mum had a 5 year history of neglect and abuse which was documented by the department of child safety. I have read the affidavit written out by the department of child safety.

Michael: What did Luke's Dad do that stood out as something more than most fathers would do for their children. Is there anything significant.
Karyn: His dedication to improving his life so as to improve Luke's. As well as teaching Luke music everyday. Luke's dad idolised Luke and Luke idolised his father.

Michael: What was Luke's Dads fridge like? Was Luke fed properly when he was in his fathers care?
Karyn: Huge and full of food. I am a diabetic so I spend a lot of time in peoples fridges. I have to eat properly. One morning I dropped over and had my insulin. I had to eat and when I came to Luke's house Luke and his dad were sitting out the back with a bowl of porridge for Luke. He made me one too.

Michael: Are there any other memories that stick in your mind when you think about Luke and His Dad?
Karyn: Going round to Sturt St and Luke's Mum was drunk, obnoxious. She was abusing Luke's Dad.

Michael: How did Luke's Dad react?
Karyn: He was keeping calm, he was very patient with her.

Michael: Was she abusing Lukes Dad in front of Luke?
Karyn: No. Luke was asleep.

Michael: Was Luke clothed and changed properly when he was looked after by his father?
Karyn: Of course he was. Whenever I saw Luke with Michael he was always well cared for, supervised and he looked healthy and happy.

Michael: What other memories do you have of Luke's Mum?
Karyn: Running into her at the solicitors. She was very jittery and seemed borderline hysterical. She had Luke with her.

Michael: Any other memories?
Karyn: I saw her at hospital when Luke was in intensive care from his head injuries. Michael had left the ward to allow Luke's Mum to have time with Luke. He was concerned about Luke being on his own. Luke's mum promised she would stay with him so we had lunch, me, Luke's Dad and another friend. On the way back to the car we saw Luke's mum leaving the hospital. She had assured Luke's Dad she would stay for a couple of hours at least and would not leave Luke alone. She had only been half an hour and she left, leaving Luke alone in the hospital, much to his Dads distress.

Michael: How was Michael when Luke was dying in hospital? What did you see happen?
Karyn: He was traumatised. He was basically at the hospital from the time he got the phone call until Luke died six days later. He didn't want Luke to be alone. He tried everything possible, he talked to Luke, he sang to Luke, he annoyed the doctors and Nurses with endless questions to ensure Luke got every chance possible to perhaps come good. He was hoping for a miracle. I would also like to ad that the level of service from the staff at CBH was exceptional. It was a tragic situation and they would always talk and explain what was happening.

Michael: Do you think Luke was better off with his mother or his father?
Karyn: His father. She was an alcoholic and a nastie pastie. I could go on at length, but I wont.

Michael:Do you think Luke was better off with his dad or in foster care? Why?
Karyn: His Dad. No one can ever love a child like their parents love them. Look what ended up happening to little Lukey in foster care.

Michael:Would you trust Michael with your child?
Karyn: Yes definitely. I had three children and Michael lived in our home with us. Michael took my youngest son to Cooktown with him, on a property with his friends. My son was well looked after and Luke's Dad acted responsibly. He is a good role model for my son.

Michael: Anything else you would like to add about Luke or his dad or Department of child safety?
Karyn: The whole incident is a tragedy. Someone has to be, not blamed, but held accountable. As for department of child safety, they took that child away from his dad and mum for his protection. They are not God.

Michael: I would like to point out that they are not always right. The problem is that in their eyes (department of child safety), they are always right. And who is going to tell them they are wrong when you risk losing your child forever?

One pissed off father that will not rest until this abuse of power and position by these untouchable man hating women is stopped. Stop killing our children you murdering pigs.



Now how is this for ironic.

Karyn received a letter from Department of Child Safety on the 20th of january, 2009. That is two days after Luke died. The letter reads-:

It has been assessed your children are currently in a safe environment where their care and protective needs are being met and that they have a parent who is willing and able to protect them from further harm. As such, your children are not in need of protection.
I had been living with karyn for 6 months prior to this letter and had informed child safety of this and asked to have luke in Karyns care with me. Before this I had moved in with a child care worker when I first came back to Cairns. She wrote a reference for me and informed them that she was happy to act as foster carer or guardian to Luke. With or without me on the premises. It was the second time this child care worker had approached child safety to offer to look after Luke.