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I made the Department of child safety officer wait while I shot this last film of Luke.

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 04:40



Child Safety waited til Luke and Dad finished this last song, then Took Luke away. Luke never played the piano and sang with Dad again. The drum kit in the film clip was brand new and was given to Luke that morning. Luke played it once then went to bed. Child safety came and woke him from his midday nap, and gave no reason for removing Luke. All she said to me was "You are doing the right thing."
I didn't have a clue what she was talking about because as far as I knew I had always done the right thing by my son, and handing him over to child safety to put him with his mother was not doing Luke any favours.

video by Luke's dad

That was a good DoCS Community services NSW Child Protection

That was a good characteristics. giving them them importance is something that they really wanted to feel.

That was a good DoCS Community services NSW Child Protection.


The next time the department of child safety took my son away

Luke was abused by his mother, before he was out of her stomach and up until the third time he was removed by child safety.

I don't talk of it much out of respect for Luke. He loved his mother. He was too young to know what was happening.

She would hurt him to get at me, she knew how much I loved him.
I tried to be there and protect him, but child safety refused to
consider me as an option because there had been domestic violence.

I don't condone my actions, but I tried everything. I hated her for what
she did to him, but stayed with her because child safety would not let
me take him.

The last day we had Luke, it was a Saturday morning.

I asked Luke's mother to turn off the television as video hits was on. I
had watched tv documentaries which stated that the sexual nature of
these music video clips were harmful to young children who were exposed
to these videos.

Directly after this she tried to give me oral sex, continuously, in
front of Luke. I had to leave the room as she would not stop.

Later that day, she got extremely drunk. She dragged Luke across the bitumen road, he was screaming.

I stood at the front gate and took hold of Luke, and refused to let her in.

She barged in, I could not do anything, I did not want to go down for being rough, so I let her in again.

My hands were tied, child safety considered me an unfit father, despite
my tireless efforts to do everything possible to have Luke live a normal
life, not being moved from foster home to foster home, being abused by
strangers(I know there are good foster carers, but the system is
overloaded by these DoCS workers who are eager to take your child, and
make it impossible to get them back.)

The neighbour rang the police, and apparantly there was an order out for
Luke because his mother did not tell them she was leaving Cairns with
him. I did not know this.

The judge in Townsville ordered that Luke remain with both his parents
in Townsville. This was ignored by DoCS, and they moved him from house
to house to house, until his skull was fractured and he was left to die
at the age of Two.

At this stage, I was living with the manager of St Vincent De Paul in
Cooktown, this way I was staying away from the drug circle in Cairns,
which is why I moved to Townsville.

When they told me they were moving Luke back to Cairns, I said to them,

"Are you trying to get me back on drugs?"

They laughed at me.

When I told the DoCS worker in Cairns of my plans to live in Cooktown
and travel to Cairns each week to visit Luke, she shook her head and
told me I would never do it.

I travelled four hours to Cairns every week, I would see Luke on a Monday for two hours, then I would travel four hours back.

Never once was I late, or did I miss a visit.

A week before Luke's skull was fractured, I had a meeting with Joh, the "Reunification" team leader.

I was handed a list of rules and
and warned if I broke them, I would never see Luke again. I had a list
of issues to discuss. I never got a chance. I was flatly refused any
extension of time to spend with Luke. This is supposed to be part of the
plan to help a child be reunited with his parents.

At the top of my list of urgent issues, was the fact that he was in a
highly dangerous situation living with a seventy four year old woman,
and three older foster children.

I did not even get a chance to discuss any of this.

The day they came and took Luke away.

I only ever had Luke for one week on my own. When he woke up on the last day, he just started saying all these words. He had never talked like that before, and he never would again, even a year later.
They came and took him off me, and put alone in a house they had organised for his mother.
I was worried sick. I rang child safety complaints, I rang every private investigator in the book, I even rang the minister for child safety's office. There was nothing I could do.
I was not allowed to visit the house, even though Luke's mother wanted me to.
We were told that if we were to continue our relationship, Luke would be removed and neither of us could have him. I was never given the option, even though Luke's mum had a long history with the department of child safety, with regard to Luke's two older sisters from her previous relationship.
I had never had any complaints lodged against me.
That was the day when I made the DoCS worker wait while I did this last video clip of Luke and I playing and singing on the piano. He was only one year old.

Entering just like that

Entering just like that without premises is unacceptable and unlawful How did they made such a beautiful family into a terrible one.

Luke was only ever woken twice whilst having his midday nap

I was religious about Luke's midday nap. People said I had first child syndrome, because I wrapped Luke in cotton wool. I saw what his mother did to him and felt so sorry for him. Child safety laughed at me when I told them he had been burnt by a cigarette. Don't believe me? Can you pick which pic has the photo of Luke's cigarette burn on the this site?

This is disgusting

How dare they barge into your home and take away a perfectly happy and healthy child and use drugs as an excuse.

It is diggusting what they did to this family.

How can you not see how much this guy loves his son. What a poor excuse to use drugs to take the child away. You can see how loved and well cared for this baby is. I hope they fry for doing this to poor Luke.