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I am a 14 and on the run from NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS Foster Care

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on Sun, 03/11/2012 - 22:42

I am a 14 and on the run from NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS Foster Care

Please help me, I am on the run from NSW Bowral Department of Human Services. I love my mother so much, she has never

abused me or any of my brothers and sister, who I love so much as well.

I have problems, who doesn't, but my mum who loves me so much took me to the psychiatrist who is NSW Dept Human Services

Bowral DoCS approved.

They gave me medication and said I was a great kid, I just need the right medication. The doctor was good, I liked him,

unlike NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS, he liked me, he was kind to me.This pshychiatric assesment was performed at

reiby juvenile detention centre, where I was placed by the magistrate for two weeks.

I took the medication and I was the child I should be, a beautiful person, that is what I want to be, but NSW Dept Human

Services Bowral DoCS took me off that medication and NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS put me on Ridilin. I am back to

how I used to be, always in trouble.

My life went backward again and I became aggravated and not the child I want to be. The good doctor I went to told my mum I

was experiencing psychosis. NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS have ignored what he said.

I have never had drugs, it is just the way I was born, all I need is the right type of medication, but no one will listen

to me, or my mother, who loves me as much as I love her, she has never hurt me, I love her so much, I want to go home, but

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS don't care about what is in my best interest, all they care about is taking children

from their parents.

It doesn't matter how much a child loves their parents, or how much a parent loves their child, I am only young and don't

understand how the governement works, all I know is I love my mother, and I want to go home, NSW Dept Human Services Bowral

DoCS dont care and won't listen to me, my sisters, my brothers, my mother the juvenile justice psychiatrist, the minister

NSW Dept Human Services DoCS Pru Goward or the judge who said my mother was capable of restoration and that NSW Dept Human

Services Bowral DoCS should be working with my mother.

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS won't ring my mother with their requirements for me to come home. They mislead her into

thinking she will get us back so she signs paperwork and then they use it against her, this must be highly illegal. NSW

Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS lie, they lie they lie they lie. What sort of a person lies so that a child can be removed

from the parents who love them. What sort of a person lies to remove a child fropm the parents they love?How does NSW Dept

Human Services Bowral DoCS get away with doing this to me and my family, and how many other children are they doing it to.

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS manager is Leonie Martyn. NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS Leonie Martyn please let

me go home to my mum and family, I know how much she loves me, NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS does not.

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS manager Leonie Marty, you are a liar, and you have liars working for you, and you

should not be allowed around innocent children. I know what you do, I am a victim.`

My two sisters are still there, I know they are terrifed too scared to speak up to NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS,

because we all know they won't listen, we know NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS don't care. One sister eleven years old

and the other is five years old, we all have never been abused and we have told NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS docs

this, NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS will not let us go home. Please NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS let me and my

family be a family.

My NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer comes in the bathroom while I am having a shower naked, I ask her to

leave me alone but she won't listen to me.

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS stole my older brother off my mother as well, and placed him with the same NSW Dept

Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer.

My brother told NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS that the NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer was doing the

same thing. She came into the bathroom while he was in the shower and wouldn't leave.

My brother told NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS that she was doing this, and she would talk to him about having anal

sex with her boyfriends and stuff.

My brother told NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS he wanted to leave the foster carer because of this, butNSW Dept Human

Services Bowral DoCS wouldn't let him, so he ran away from the NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer too.

I have no one. I know it is good of this woman to be a NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer, but I don't like

her coming in the shower with me, and NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS know it. I don't like our NSW Dept Human Services

Bowral DoCS foster abusing my sisters either.

She tried to skicky tape my eleven year old sister's mouth up with sticky tape in late july.

So now I am on the run from NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS, if they catch me, I will go to juvenile detention, for

longer than the two weeks I was only supposed to go for in the first place, before NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS ever

came into my life. I was supposed to be taught a lesson, not kidnapped by the government. I love my family and miss them, I

want to go home, but I have no one turn to.

NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS have put me in foster care for two and a half years and now I will be locked up in

juvenile dention for who knows how long, when I was only supposed to be away from my mother for two weeks, and back on the

right medication.

I want to go home to my mother, I rang her, but she says I am not allowed to because of NSW Dept Human Services Bowral

DoCS. I would rather be in juvenile detention than with the NSW Dept Human Services Bowral DoCS foster carer, but what I

really want to do is be back with my mother.

Please help me, what should I do?


Man i cop s*%# from Bowral

Man i cop s%$# from Bowral DoCS that included a lock up in a psych ward. best thing is to hide at a friends.


Help and Advice for children who have run away from foster care

Mate, this is Luke's Dad.

I am sorry this is happening to you, and that your young life has been so hard my friend.

Try these websites for help.

You can ring them or email them and they will give you advice, and maybe even represent you in court, especially National Children and Youth Law Centre.

At fourteen years of age in NSW you have the right to seek your own medical advice. You need to find a doctor you can trust, and have him access the medical files from the doctor who gave you medication that helped you.

Department human services DoCS NSW are not the only ones who can apply for a case plan in court, your parents can also prepare one with you and submit it to a court.

Write out an affidavit now, with everything you want to say in court on it, or you will be put through the system, DoCS will hide your story and a solicitor will speak for you and the judge will know nothing.

Put your story on paper and have it ready for the judge, ring the help line, get legal advice and assistance, then go see your mum.

Give her the biggest hug you have ever given her. Tell her you love her, she knows that already, and you know how much she loves you. Your mum loves you and knows what to do. I am with her now.

If it doesn't go right, I know you won't blame each other. You did the right thing, and I am going to look further into it for you. Keep an eye out here and please put up more of your story.

Kind Regards,
Michael Borusiewicz
(Luke's Dad)


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Do you have any follow up info on this poor girl...How is she do you know?...Is she still on the run?...I understand if its private now for legal reasons and such...Thanks Lukes Dad.



All the best, 


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My heart breaks with stories like this.  First off, I do obey the law, BUT where the law allows this to continue, how can you respect something so morally wrong?  OK, kids go off the rails, look at the fact parents have no rights, we cannot discipline our children, as the schools have taught our children that this is child abuse.  Children in High school, as young as 14 are taught if you do NOT like Mum and dad's rules, you can go to FACS, they will help you with a place to live and money!  


As for this young lady, I take in children like you, who have NO voice.  FACS/DoCS only listen when you tell of your Parents abuse, BUT not a carer's, because they passed all their little tests, they are deemed to be above reproach, and more qualified and suitable to parent our children.  Sorry, but Luke's story proves otherwise, as do many other's, including that of 12yr old deborah Mellville, who died because of neglect at the hands of her carer's, AND FACS KNEW about it, ignored their OWN workers concerns!!  I have stood there, while these children tell their case workers of the abuse their carer's are doing, and seen them taken straight back there.  I know of one girl who was returned to her supposed excellent carer, who then locked her in her room with NO water and unable to get to a toilet while she went out with the B/F that FACS have said is NOT allowed to live in her house or she will lose her foster parent approval because he is unacceptable!  I have had FACS tell me to encourage these children to return to their "stable" placement, my question, if it was stable, WHY are they running away?  A child will not run from a happy home or where they feel safe, they might go wandering, but they will return.


For this little girl, she has no voice, if she went to court, they would return her to DoCS.  The mother is trying to get her children back by doing what we all do, and that is you are told if you do this, you will get your children back, what they do NOT add is, you will get your children back after they turn 18 and we have damaged them beyond hope.  


I advocate that after the age of 14, children should be allowed to self place.  Because it is often at homes not DoCS approved, all that should be the acceptable criteria is the home be clean, the child has a bed, will attend school, and it is a drug and alcohol free home, and NO violence.  As one Police Officer told me, when I had one girl self place, we had a call about her every 2 days, but in the 3 months with you, NO calls at all, she was attending school and doing well, until FACS decided to place her in boarding school, where she was expelled and now back to square 1.  


First off, mum needs to STOP signing everything put in front of her.  She needs to set up a meeting with DoCS and take in an advocate, this serves two uses, first, this person is a witness to all that is said, second, they can help you keep calm and ask questions on yoru behalf.  Next, make sure the meeting reason is VERY clear, you want to discuss RE-UNIFICATION.  Get the steps that have to be done to have the children home PERMANANTLY written clearly in a case management plan.  Follow this plan, and make sure it is acknowledged AND signed off when completed.  Correct them when they try to lie, thats where your witness comes in, who can say, NO you did not say that, you said this.  It is helpful if your advocate is a social worker, or other professional, their word carries weight, do NOT just take in a friend, their word is not valued by DoCS, and can be seen as unreliable by the judge.  A professional is bound by certain standards, and their word is worth it.  Do not let them bully you, complain Directly to the CEO, keep a record of calls, use e-mail to contact the case workers, that way you always have a record, that way, if you do NOT get a response, you have grounds to go to the ombudsman.  It is helpful to e-mail the case worker after a visit with your children, get their acknowledgement the visit went well etc, I had this happen to me where I had the positive feedback, BUT in the meeting, I got negative, until I started e-mailing, and had it in writing, when they tried that trick again, i said that is NOT what you said in your e-mail dated such and such a date.  They either have to admit they were lying in the e-mail or lying right then and there, you will find they back down a LOT, as they know then and there, you have evidence.  Do not raise your voice, keep a firm tone. 

Another valuable thing, if you think the carer is abusing your children and you have complained and the child is not moved, GO directly to the courts and Apply for the SAME temp protection order they apply for, and STATE the reason.  Be clear, and give them as much time as they allow you, in my case, they dropped off their affidavits 1 hour before the hearing, I had 1 hour to do my response AND get to the courts which was 20 minutes away.  I managed to do this as I had already typed out an affidavit, I had a fair idea what they would use, going on the first set, I just had to add a paragraph or two, and change some of the wording, I also told the judge about the time, and I produced evidence to support that, so when you take this course, get your affidavit printed, take it with you, get the application form, sign it, attach your affidavit, get the copy, and give them 1 hour just as they gave you, AND state this to the judge, that you gave them the same amount of time they allowed you.  


Record everything you can, BUT inform them first, that way they can't say you did not tell them.  Also in cases of suspected abuseby the carer, CALL the police and get a job number.  Remind the Police even though your child is in care, it is a DUTY of care they do a welfare check themselves, you called them, NOT CPS.

Self representation is not always the best option, BUT when, like me, you get YOUR lawyer, that you are paying tell you, to let the Orders be granted, because as my lawyer said, Parents DO NOT win against FACS.  When she said that to me, I waited until we were in court, when she said she was representing me, I stood up and said not anymore, and said why.  i said while it is said a person has a fool for a client if they represent themselves, well i would be even more foolish going to court with a Lawyer I paid for, that is supposed to be helping me and arguing for me, that has the mindset that they will lose.  Sorry, but this translates out to even though you will take my money, which I work hard for, and because of your mindset, you will NOT be in my best interests.  Judge was amused, lawyer was not and even less so when i told her boss prior to the court case, she sold me on the idea of winning, then tells me not to fight because i will lose, she was advocating FACS, which is a conflict of interest, so I wanted my money back.  I had proof of the prior conversations(Iwas big on Dictaphones LOL very handy)where she told me how we would WIN the case, she had mislead me, if she had told me the truth of her intentions BEFORE we reached the Courtroom doors, i would NOT have hired her.  I also was prepared to go to the Law Society, needless to say i got my money back.  


When picking a Lawyer, research first, check past history, past cases.  Check their field of expertise.  Also, know who FACS or rather the Courts have appointed to be your children's Lawyer.  Check for their level of involvement with FACS or DoCS.  FACS can and do ensure the Lawyer for your children are going to agree with them, and NOT you.  Make sure they are really acting in your children's best interest, it also helps to casually mention CONFLICT of INTEREST, they cannot discuss what your children say with you, and ensure they follow that and NOT discusss matters with FACS case workers, that is actually a breach of your children's privacy.


IF they use mental illness or disability, contact the Anti discrimination commission.  You will find FACS and DoCS are bound by that legislation, that they cannot discriminate against anyone for gender, sexual orientation, disability or health reasons including mental health.  If they bring it up, mention you have contacted them and they have informed you that if they persist, that you can make a complaint which based on evidence ALREADY produced they are in breach of the Anti Discrimination laws.

Get copies of your children's medical records, copies of school records, AND copies of any tiem the Police have been to your residence, before and after the children were removed, with CLEAR reason's why.  Your aim is to PROVE your side.  I proved mine when I pointed out the chidlren's school attendence had gone sharply down since being with FACS, no record of ANY domestic violence, and apart from actuall illness and a few accidents like my son stepping on a wine glass and breaking it, his reason for having it in the bathroom, he was drinking coke from it because it was flash LOL, he broke it and forgot he put the stem on the ground and he then stepped on it.  NO record of child abuse.  Get letters from school teachers, doctors etc, who will state NO abuse.  Even judges cannot argue with FACTS and actual evidence, and if like this little girl, your children are saying NO abuse, your evidence says NO abuse, the judge cannot go on fictious hearsay, point out that you cannot influence your children if you are not with them, so how can you coach them if they have been away for X months.  


Lastly, NEVER give up, NEVER walk away.  No matter how discouraged you can feel at times, please do not go down this path.  I have two girls aged 12 and 16 that come to my house regularly, their mother gave up, walked away, these two girls feel completely alone, their mother, they refer to by her first name, the harshest thing I heard was the 16yr old say, what Mother, who **? She gave birth to me, thats all, she walked away from us, she gave up on us, she left us to this.  The sad thing is, their father could have taken them, the mother was the offending Parent(to use the departments terminology),BUT she dominated the father, even though they were separated, she was the mouth piece, she said everything, she cost him the chance to have the children, now he has to be prompted to interact with them, he gives them money, they use him for that, he had a chance of getting them, but he did not take it, he turned to drink, now these kids will be in care until they are 18.  

My heart goes out to anyone involved with this department, I really feel that Care is not a word i would associate with these people, once they have your children, the care factor ends.