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Gavin King writing about Luke Borusiewicz in the Cairns Post

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on Wed, 04/25/2012 - 17:42

Gavin King was recently successful in the Queensland State Government Elections and is now Member for Cairns.

Gavin King

Member for Cairns, Assistant Minister for Tourism

  • Member for Cairns, Assistant Minister for Tourism at Queensland Parliament
  • Editor at Large at The Cairns Post
  • North Qld bureau - Sunday Mail at News Corporation
  • Chief of Staff at The Cairns Post
  • Cessnock High School
Public Profile

Although Gavin King is Assistant Minister for Tourism in Queensland, he is well aware of the shortfallings and corruption within the department of community services in Cairns, and Queensland. Surely no human being, especially someone who is representative of a community, should turn a blind eye to this illegal and corrupt behavior in department of community services.


Here is the Cairns Post article written by Gavin King outlining the Death of Luke Borusiewicz.