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Federal Minister for Families, Community Services Jenny Macklin

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on Sat, 11/17/2012 - 21:44

Vote for my question to Jenny Macklin & leave a comment

Hi All. Today I am asking please, for your assistance. It does not matter if you are not in Australia, you can still help us.

Our Say website has all the leading politicians in Australia on the site to answer questions put to them by the public. To have your question answered, you must get the most votes on your question at the end of the time limit (another 6 days).

Federal Minister for Families, Community Services Jenny Macklin is currently open for questioning on the site. My question is currently coming first, but I will need a lot more votes to stay in front.

I am asking please for people to register on the site below, and use your seven votes to vote for my question, so that the minister must answer the question publicly.

My question:

“Everyone likes to jump on the "Stop Child Abuse" band wagon. With DoCS running it's own complaints line for their victims, you have the equivalent of a pedophile priest answering complaints from choir boys who have been molested. When will this department be properly investigated and the corruption, negligence and cronyism exposed and removed. When will there be accountability for the blatant lack of professionalism in the department of community services across Queensland.”

Vote for my question to Jenny Macklin & leave a comment



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Hi Michael,

My name is ****** ******** and I am contacting you from OurSay. Thank you so much for your question on the All About Families forum and congratulations on gaining so much support for this issue!
I am contacting you in regards to possible media coverage of your question. *******, a ********* publication, is looking to write about the winning questions in the forum and OurSay are also sending out press updates to other publications. 
OurSay was wondering if you are comfortable giving comment on your questions, and what would be the best way to contact you?


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Hi I met you on I think. Best wishes. I have a question for you first bcause before any one goes further It is important.

I found out online a simple search that the first case of child abuse was done by an "adopted" parent. They were the people the people who were taking care of the child gave the child to when the single parent MOTHER failed to be able to pay them the money to support child HER DAUGHTER while she THE MOTHER worked.

As a mother myself I know first hand how difficult childbitrh is and women need to have support. Please let me know what you may know about the "origins" of child abuse...for I believe it may well come to pass at the hands of strangers mpre often that by parents....and parents may neglect their children,

BECAUSE they have no support. Not to say the support is ALWAYS a must, but for many or most the pressure is very great. And now what we have going on...well I call it mass hysteria, and everyone seems suspicious of the next person. I grieve for your little one BLESS HIS HEART the LORD JEHOVAH HE blesses our lives with these little ones...remember vengence belongs to THE LORD and I pray everyday for it.

I will check out that site but just wanted to try to help you because I know how painful you feel and rightly so...but as for the ones who you know who we are talking about...well, they have no idea what they are doing. At best they are just keeping hitler and his deeds alive. And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil.

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M Borusiewicz

I so appreciate your sharing your story for the redemption doing so will bring to a flawed system that you have either made your peace with, or are at least doing what you can to find peace, with justice. Your motive is what makes your story stand apart, that gives it a credibility it would otherwise lack.

My personal "background" story that has also brought me to a shared desire to fix the child welfare system has no truly tragic dimension, so far everything is good here on the foster, then adoption, consumer side of child welfare. I am currently pulling together a wide variety of child welfare system "voices" from developed countries to incorporate into a systems analysis project in the U.S. By posting your story here, in this venue, I believe you have already given me permission to use it for that purpose. On the other hand, with your permission I may also want to include your story in your own words, in part, or in its entirety.

I can't promise that the final report will help fix the system, but I can promise to shed some light on how the system is, and is not, meeting human rights standards.

I don't know Jill, but it looks to me like she is also concerned about fixing the system. While her path is certainly different in emotional tone than yours, it looks to me like she might be encouraging people like me to publish your story. Publishing of this report will be in professional, academic, and public policy markets by a non-profit in CT, and I don't believe it will involve any financial compensation. This will be a project of Covenant to Care for Children, And, no, this is not a commercial, but its not a secret either.

Again, thanks so much for the generosity of spirit it takes to put this harm out there so graciously.
Posted by Gerald Dillenbeck

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Tony Tonkin Hi all. As you already know Michael I admire the work you do greatly. As a Social Worker I am horrified at some of the practices of my fellow colleagues. I also know that a discussion around what needs to be changed within CPS is a very important discussion to have. It is not helpful to label all CP workers with the same brush. What we need to be doing is advocating for better assessment criteria, more research and better advocacy for parents.

Over the years I have worked with parents prior to a child being placed on a long term order with great success but only where the parent has been able to make the changes required. I have been able to convince CPS workers of the strengths that exist in some parents and to focus on those and to observe the change. I have had to ask parents to find different ways to express their anger and focus on what they need to do rather than what the other social workers need to do. I have also worked with parents who will never have their children returned to them because they were unable to protect their children. Many people I work with have systemic problems which they struggle to overcome.

There is nothing about CP which is easy, it is an extremely complicated and frustrating area in which to work. People telling their stories is an important part of the process but it isn't the only part. I have one client who is still fighting to have her child returned. We recently have made some significant progress but I have asked her to consider doing a Social Work degree so that she can find a way to change the system internally.

Last year my wife and I began a publishing organisation called Peoples Voice Publishing which published a collection of stories from people who were in out of home care. Next year we wish to publish stories such as Michaels about people parents who have had their children removed. We have to find different ways to change the system. We have to offer alternative solutions.